Ching ching updating

Back from being away! Yeah I guess that's just a Dutch saying but I just wanted to say it. Let me, please. I have enough going around in my head already. Which are the following things, to be exact.

- school, ofcourse
- wanting to have a bikini-ready-body
- wanting to blog more
- extreme need for shopping
- not knowing in which colour I should paint my nails
- school (yes I am stressing out about that a lot lately)
- most important thing ; my lovely boyfriend

Anyways, let me update you on the past week. I went to Bretagne, France, of which you all know about. I did make some pictures so don't worry, I'll share them with you.
The week flew by. I wasn't even homesick! Although I did miss my mom, dad, boyfriend and my lovely friends who weren't with me. Anyways, I had a great week. We did lots of thinks like hiking and sailing on the beach. In a little kind of car I don't know it was scary I blocked it out. Haha no I didn't but I just was scared. O, and I tasted a mussel, which I actually didn't hate but I didn't enjoy it either. It tasted like macaroni pasta with stuff in it. Or something.

Extreme need for shopping. Yes. I really do need to. All my short shorts are too big for me now, since I lost a lot of weight. I hate it, even though I still am not the weight that I want to be but I just hate it that my clothes don't fit anymore. Aside of that I don't really have short sleeved shirts. I often wear long sleeves, I just feel more comfortable in them. I will make a Polyvore collection thingy soon so that you guys can create a 'picture' of the clothes I would really love to have.

I think I am going for a bright colour. Or maybe white?! I don't know. It's hot out here in the Netherlands lately. The sun shines a lot and the wind is warm. Like, really. Today I wore just my jeans and a shirt but over it I wore my new dark blue leather jacket and I seriously felt like a walking sauna.
So, hi, nice to meet you, I'm a walking sauna. Would you be my walking fridge? I'd appreciate it.

I am so freaking jealous you guys, I don't know what it is but it's my cat. She has the most lazy life ever. She just eats and poops and lies around in the sun in our garden and she jumps around chasing  butterflies -which I don't want her to do but who am I to stop a crazy little cat like her-.

Well, for now I guess it's enough for the updating part.
I will make a blogpost soon about things that actually DO matter.

bye, lots of love.


Do you guys still recognize me? Well, you can't actually see me right now, which is a good thing -I promise- because I'm at school looking like a total that-time-of-the-month-zombie. But, I know I didn't blog for such a long time but my life has been so busy and I just couldn't find the inspiration or time to actually sit down and write. But right now, I finished all of my homework and I have 20 minutes left to update you all. So, here comes my quick update list. Take your popcorn and your coca cola (LIGHT girls, because summer is coming up!) and enjoy.
1) Most exciting news, which feels like a dream to me ; I have a boyfriend. His name is Jim. And yes, he actually excists for real. I don't want to put all my love out on the internet but I can tell you ; everything we do and everything he sais makes me feel like a million dollars. Even though I still have my insecurity problem but I hope that will just leave my head soon.

2) In two weeks, I am going to France with school. We are going to Bretagne, well, that's just how you pronounce it in Dutch. We're going with a group of girls and I hope we will have great weather and stuff. I will post a picture from Google so that you guys can see where I will be jumping around in a few weeks.

3) Yes right now my inspiration is completely gone. So, time for the little updates. I am still eating healthy and trying to get ready for summer. Currently I have been addicted to my dark dark dark brown bread! It actually tastes like a little treat to me! So lovely! And, I have bought 3 coloured pants! A pink one, a minty green one and a neon blue one. I still have to 'learn'  how to style them but I will -maybe!- post pictures of outfits soon.

I am going to post more often, I promise!
Now I have to go and live my normal life again. The bell is ringing in a few minutes.
Bye lovely readers, thanks for still reading my half-dead blog!