On the go @ my bath tub

My mobile phone is in real danger right now at this very moment and so, so am I 'cause without my phone, life's a struggle! That was a joke. But seriously, am I the only one who is attached to their phone like this? I mean, it's a great way to keep in touch with friends and family through whatsapp, twitter, facebook etc. So, yeah phone I love you, I will make sure I will not drop you into my coconut scented water! Allright lets be normal again from now on.

Today I'm having a work out date with one of my best friends! We're going to have a bike trip -I have to hand in a application form thingy o go work somewhere or something I don't know what to call it- and we're going for a walk and only drink water! We will eat too don't worry. But yeah tonight I'm going to a party which I am looking forward too! I actually don't really know what to wear yet 'cause it's very hot but we're expecting a thunder storm thing with lots of rain over here in the Netherlands so it's not like shorts-and-a-top-weather actually, is it?
What do you guys recommend me to wear?

I guess I have to go now, wash my hair and get ready before my lovely friend stands in front of my door!

Love, and have a great day!

By the way, sorry for my crappy english guys!

On the go @ my room behind my desk on my chair underneath a roof etc.

I wanted to try blogging on the go. I downloaded the Blogger-app on my phone to just check it out and see what it is like to post while being away or something like that! I can also post pictures more often and more recent and stuff! So, to update you guys, I just finished one part of my work out. My every day workout is 'running' on the eliptical for an hour. Half an hour in the morning and half an hour after dinner. I have 10 minutes to go, so I wanted to stop for a while, maybe take my apple-yoghurt dessert and after a while finish my daily work-out. I know it's more usefull to make it one hour straight in stead of taking breaks and I know I can do it physically but it's the mental part I'm struggling with. And time. Also one of my biggest enemies. But I actually always make time for my elliptical. Best buddies, you know what I mean. So, I am having the most terrible headache right now -and yes I still go and workout for a while I'm stupid- so I guess it's a better idea to stop blogging and say good night and sweet dreams to whoever is reading this at this very moment. Thank you for reading, means a lot to me!

Stella 'on the go'

Photo diary #3

I'm changing something guys ; before, I used Microsoft Word to make some sort of a college out of the pictures I wanted to share, but that didn't work so well because they pictures are too small. So, I'm just posting them like I posted pictures before starting Photo Diary posts. I hope this will make it easier to see what I'd love to show you!

Another note ; I made this post yesterday (26th) and I posted it today, so, this post includes my new buys I did today with my mom.

Summervacation! It's here. Yes, it really is. Finally. Over here in the Netherlands the summery weather hasn't really came out yet but today it was kinda sunny and warm. First I had to make my two last tests ; German and history. German was difficult and history went quite well I believe. When the bell rang, my heart skipped a beat. Finally I can do what I want whenever I want to do it. Like ; blogging! So after school me and my lovely friends went to the city centre thing and went sort of picknicking. Is that correct? I don't think so. Anyways, we split up and bought ourselves what we liked to eat and ate it up sitting in the sun. It was a lot of fun. So, after eating and chatting for a while we seperated. Me and one of the girls, Michelle, went shopping for a while and we sat down in the sun to tittle-tattle. I had so much fun, a great beginning of my summer.

So, here are the pictures I made along the week. Have fun looking at my silly life and I will post again soon!


New bracelets! Seriously, I have been looking for bracelets like these for so long and I finally found them! I'm thinking about buying the 'real' friendship bracelet. The 'below-one' is called like that and  this one obviously isn't real silver but I'd love to have a real silver one. Maybe for my 18th birthday in December?

Always a disaster, buying new bikini's for the summer. But, this is my first year without tears and other drama. I even had them in half an hour, isn't that amazing? I bought the black top seperately because I always love to not walk around like a disco ball so I can combinate them and yeah, I don't know, I wanted to be colourfull for once (because in like, casual and real 'clothes' stuff, I always tend to buy black and greyish stuff)

And here you see a perfect example of what I mean with I always buy black stuff. So I bought this short online a few weeks ago from Monki. It's a high-waisted one and I didn't get the chance to wear it yet but I will, definitely, in Aruba! The top I bought today and I am in love with it. When I take it out of my shorts, it has got some sort of an A-line and it's kinda cropped but not really and it's just a very summery tanktop. Including a real COLOUR this time, eventhough it also has black. again.

I went to my grandma and grandpa 2 weeks ago and she always buys us some cake or pie or something wehn we come over. But because she knows me so well, she assumed that I'd rather have something much more healthy so she bought me some fresh strawberries. How lovely! Look, they're taking a bath.

To continue with my healthy eating, me and my mom made this delicious salad with a little piece of goatcheese on top, rolled into bacon -the not-that-fat kind, obviously-.
Doesn't that plate look appealing to you? To me, it does!

Studying for my math test, which worked out very well 'cause I got a good grade! But for now ; bye bye studying!

Rain, studying and water bottles

Lovely laptop screen.

Yes I am at school. Again. Like always. As usual. Tomorrow is the last day of school where I get to go to class. The rest of the week I will only have tests, tests and tests. Because I already know for sure I will pass this year, it's less stressfull. But yeah, it still are tests and I want to get the best out of it.
So, these upcoming days I will be spending my time in my bath tub or behind my desk being buried in study papers and books and stuff. Yeah love my life.
Well, actually I do. But the sun doesn't love it's life, unfortunately. It's June guys, please sun, go shine. Tomorrow, I went to school -I could have gone by car but there was a miscommunication between me and my friends so I already left home, packed in my ' rain suit' -. Anyways, I went to school and a truck came by. I guess the truckdriver thought I wasn't wet enough because he drove next to me and SPLASH, a wave which was like 2 meters high or something, flooded me completely. I still have little swimming pools in my Vans. Another thing I thought was fun telling you guys is that I often notice myself reaching for water. I almost drink like 5 water bottles a day, which is like a HUGE amount for me, considering I didn't drink lots of water before. Right now I feel like I'm done blogging. I have no idea what to tell you guys about. My brain is kinda empty so I guess I will fill the rest of my time browsing around on online stores.


Photo diary #2

Well hello there creature from this planet or another one, I've no idea. Allright let's just for once try to act normal over here. Hi. I have made another photo diary collection thingy and I felt like sharing it with you guys todat. Also, I'm trying to avoid the things I have to do for school. Yes. I know. I'm such a nerd but right now I'm not. So, this weekend I went to Zeeland with Jim, like I told you guys about in an earlier post. We had an amazing weekend! His father is so nice and we just had 2 completely relaxed days together. This evening the Dutch soccer team is playing against the German one and it's a really big deal in Europe so in a few minutes I will go paint my nails orange! My mom just bought me an orange T-shirt and I will be wearing an orange flower in my hair. Maybe it'll help them to win?! I am going to watch this game at my best friend's house and I'm looking forward to it, whatever the outcome might be. Allright, here are the pictures.

1) My lovely boyfriend in the morning -he's probably going to hate me now 'cause one, he didn't even know I made this picture and two, I wouldn't like it either when my sleepy head was exposed to every single creature in the world. But seriously ; isn't he cute?

2) A big 'yeah' for Chinese food, mjum!

3) When Jim and I were in Zeeland we went to the beach. The "town" is called Breskens and it's very close to Belgium. Pretty nice, hm? 

4) The colour I painted my nails with during class yesterday. The boys who were sitting next/behind me hated me and said that I was trying to kill them with the smell. Sorry guys!

5) Who doesn't love getting this right before school? My mom is the best.

With a big hug and much love,


My biggest flaw

Hi there pretty face 'sitting in front of' your computer or mobile phone!
I am at school right now, totally bored and everything but motivated to do something usefull.
That's why I just wanted to blog about something. And that something is the following.
Jealousy. That stupid feeling that everyone will experience in his or her life. More than once, I think.
What is jealousy? What does jealousy do to you and why are we jealous?

Jealousy is an emotion which typically refers to the negative thoughts and insecurities people have. Are you insecure about your clothes? You will easily get jealous on someone else's wardobe. When you're insecure about a particular part of your body, let's say someone perfectly flat belly, you'll pay the most attention on other belly's and comparing them with your own.

But, why do we do that? When we're young we learn that everybody is different. Our parents raise us with love and they try to learn us to love ourselfs for who we are. What we look like shouldn't be such big of a deal but it actually is. For many of us. Maybe it's our age, but I just know that jealousy won't go away when you get older. Comparing ourselves to others is completely natural, but in my eyes it has got worse due to media and the ambition to be perfect. Girls our age or a little younger all try to be exactly how they think they should be. They wear what everybody wears, do what everybody does, watch MTV and think ; I wish I was as pretty/thin/famous/rich/nice/succesful as she is.

Jealousy is horrible. It makes you insecure and sad. Jealousy isn't something you can easily cut out of your mind. Firstly, you have to learn to accept yourself, your looks and your talents. There will always be someone who has a prettier nose or someone who can sing more beautiful than you do. It won't matter if you work harder, try better.. it's just who you are. There's nothing else you can do than accept yourself.

For me, it's a permanent struggle. I get jealous very easily and it just sucks -excuse my language-. I am getting some help to accept myself and destroy my ambition to be perfect. For many of us it might help to get that little helping hand from someone who knows what  to do about it.

This wasn't really a helping post. This is more of just a ramble about my biggest flaw. I hope that you just realise that jealousy isn't somthing you struggle with on your own. And hey, maybe there are many girls jealous of you because of your instant smile, your bouncy curls or the way you drink your tea -I seriously have been jealous of one of my friends because she drank her tea in such a cute way.. yes I am ashamed-.
Try to accept yourself, and when that doesn't work ; know that your friends and family accept you. And that's what counts the most. -yes it really is me telling you this, I know I know, I should work on it too-.

Good luck and much love,

Sleepy truth

Goodmorning lovely people out here who probably are at school and prefer to be in bed right now.
Yes I have the same problem. In the morning it so hard to leave my warm and cosy bed.
But why? Why are we so tired in the morning and when we're stepping into our best friends (beds) at night we want to jump around and stay awake all night? There are some things I just learned about sleep and I wanted to share them with you guys. Here they come.

"When you didn't get enough sleep during the week, you can catch up some hours of sleep in the weekend"

Truth ; it's tempting to think stuff like this, but it's much better for your body to have a stable rythm. When you go to bed and get up at the same time, you're night of sleep will be better and much more affective because you won't be as tired as you were before.

"You need your sleep so that your brains can rest"

Truth ; ofcourse you need sleep, but that's just for your body to get the rest it needs. It's not because of a tired brain or something. Your brains are still active while you're sleeping, so actually your brains never rest and don't really need it either.

"A good work-out in the evening makes you tired and therefore you'll sleep beter at night"

Truth ; when you work out regularly your body will get better sleep. But, you have to keep at least 3 hours between your work-out and your sleep-night-thing. When your body is cold or just normal temperature, you'll sleep better. After a good work-out your body needs 6 hours to get back to normal temperature. What does help to get a better night's sleep is yoga, but don't make it too tough.

"When you set your alarm earlier than you're supposed to leave your bed, you'll have more time to wake up and therefore you will be less tired"

Truth ; snoozing actually makes you much more tired. It's like eating chocolate. After one piece you want another and another and another. Snoozing is feeding your brains with chocolate. Your brains will increase your tiredness because they keep 'screaming'  for more.

"When you wake up in the middle of the night, the best thing to do is to not move and just keep trying to fall a sleep again, because when you get out of bed you're body will wake up and it's harder to fall asleep again."

Truth ; when you're awake for more than 20 minutes, get out of your bed. Why? because you're overthinking stuff and you're body can't fully relax. Go to a different room and do something or listen to music that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. Go downstairs, take a glass of warm milk or just water (no sugary beverage) and sit on the couch for a while. You will notice that your body can relax and you'll fall asleep again much faster.

Have a good night's sleep tonight my lovely readers!

Photo diary #1

I guess the title speaks for itself but I am still going to ramble a bit.

I am sick. Yes I am. Well I'm not throwing up like now, which is feeling sick right? I always tend to mix up being sick and feeling sick in English. In Dutch it are totally different words so I am sorry. I am just not feeling well right now. Yesterday I left school early and today I stayed home. I was supposed to still go to school to have a debate in my Dutch class but I forgot that the classes only take 40 minutes in stead of 50 on thursdays so I just stayed home the entire day. So right now I'm blogging a little bit while sitting in my bed feeling like a dishcloth.

So, enough of me feeling sorry for myself (I actually don't). I have seen this particular thing happening on other blogs and just because I love watching pictures of others peoples lifes and outfits and friends and food (yeah I love the food part) I thought why not join the club of uploading Instagram pictures? You can even follow me on Instragram if you have an account, my name is Stellsx, just like my twitter. Which I've never told you on my blog. But that's not really a problem 'cause my account is protected. And in Dutch by the way so some of you might not even understand what I'm tweeting.

Anyways, here's the first one. Because I just downloaded Instagram I put some other random pictures from my computer in this collage thingy just because to make it more fun to look at.

1. I wrote this in the sand (with my TOES) while I was walking on a beach in France two weeks ago.

2. The most ugly but most delicious cupcakes. I made them with Jim and his little sister while we were visiting them in Zeeland, a province 2 hours away from our homes. This weekend I will go over there with him again, so I will make more pictures for you guys!

3. The most lovely boyfriend ever.

4. My shoes and a flower while I was walking next to the river where I live 'next to'. This was last summer so it's a while back but I still love the picture.

5. This is what my nails look like right now. They are grey, mixed with a colourfull neon pink twist. I thought well, why not?

With love,