My biggest flaw

Hi there pretty face 'sitting in front of' your computer or mobile phone!
I am at school right now, totally bored and everything but motivated to do something usefull.
That's why I just wanted to blog about something. And that something is the following.
Jealousy. That stupid feeling that everyone will experience in his or her life. More than once, I think.
What is jealousy? What does jealousy do to you and why are we jealous?

Jealousy is an emotion which typically refers to the negative thoughts and insecurities people have. Are you insecure about your clothes? You will easily get jealous on someone else's wardobe. When you're insecure about a particular part of your body, let's say someone perfectly flat belly, you'll pay the most attention on other belly's and comparing them with your own.

But, why do we do that? When we're young we learn that everybody is different. Our parents raise us with love and they try to learn us to love ourselfs for who we are. What we look like shouldn't be such big of a deal but it actually is. For many of us. Maybe it's our age, but I just know that jealousy won't go away when you get older. Comparing ourselves to others is completely natural, but in my eyes it has got worse due to media and the ambition to be perfect. Girls our age or a little younger all try to be exactly how they think they should be. They wear what everybody wears, do what everybody does, watch MTV and think ; I wish I was as pretty/thin/famous/rich/nice/succesful as she is.

Jealousy is horrible. It makes you insecure and sad. Jealousy isn't something you can easily cut out of your mind. Firstly, you have to learn to accept yourself, your looks and your talents. There will always be someone who has a prettier nose or someone who can sing more beautiful than you do. It won't matter if you work harder, try better.. it's just who you are. There's nothing else you can do than accept yourself.

For me, it's a permanent struggle. I get jealous very easily and it just sucks -excuse my language-. I am getting some help to accept myself and destroy my ambition to be perfect. For many of us it might help to get that little helping hand from someone who knows what  to do about it.

This wasn't really a helping post. This is more of just a ramble about my biggest flaw. I hope that you just realise that jealousy isn't somthing you struggle with on your own. And hey, maybe there are many girls jealous of you because of your instant smile, your bouncy curls or the way you drink your tea -I seriously have been jealous of one of my friends because she drank her tea in such a cute way.. yes I am ashamed-.
Try to accept yourself, and when that doesn't work ; know that your friends and family accept you. And that's what counts the most. -yes it really is me telling you this, I know I know, I should work on it too-.

Good luck and much love,

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