On the go @ my room behind my desk on my chair underneath a roof etc.

I wanted to try blogging on the go. I downloaded the Blogger-app on my phone to just check it out and see what it is like to post while being away or something like that! I can also post pictures more often and more recent and stuff! So, to update you guys, I just finished one part of my work out. My every day workout is 'running' on the eliptical for an hour. Half an hour in the morning and half an hour after dinner. I have 10 minutes to go, so I wanted to stop for a while, maybe take my apple-yoghurt dessert and after a while finish my daily work-out. I know it's more usefull to make it one hour straight in stead of taking breaks and I know I can do it physically but it's the mental part I'm struggling with. And time. Also one of my biggest enemies. But I actually always make time for my elliptical. Best buddies, you know what I mean. So, I am having the most terrible headache right now -and yes I still go and workout for a while I'm stupid- so I guess it's a better idea to stop blogging and say good night and sweet dreams to whoever is reading this at this very moment. Thank you for reading, means a lot to me!

Stella 'on the go'

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