Photo diary #1

I guess the title speaks for itself but I am still going to ramble a bit.

I am sick. Yes I am. Well I'm not throwing up like now, which is feeling sick right? I always tend to mix up being sick and feeling sick in English. In Dutch it are totally different words so I am sorry. I am just not feeling well right now. Yesterday I left school early and today I stayed home. I was supposed to still go to school to have a debate in my Dutch class but I forgot that the classes only take 40 minutes in stead of 50 on thursdays so I just stayed home the entire day. So right now I'm blogging a little bit while sitting in my bed feeling like a dishcloth.

So, enough of me feeling sorry for myself (I actually don't). I have seen this particular thing happening on other blogs and just because I love watching pictures of others peoples lifes and outfits and friends and food (yeah I love the food part) I thought why not join the club of uploading Instagram pictures? You can even follow me on Instragram if you have an account, my name is Stellsx, just like my twitter. Which I've never told you on my blog. But that's not really a problem 'cause my account is protected. And in Dutch by the way so some of you might not even understand what I'm tweeting.

Anyways, here's the first one. Because I just downloaded Instagram I put some other random pictures from my computer in this collage thingy just because to make it more fun to look at.

1. I wrote this in the sand (with my TOES) while I was walking on a beach in France two weeks ago.

2. The most ugly but most delicious cupcakes. I made them with Jim and his little sister while we were visiting them in Zeeland, a province 2 hours away from our homes. This weekend I will go over there with him again, so I will make more pictures for you guys!

3. The most lovely boyfriend ever.

4. My shoes and a flower while I was walking next to the river where I live 'next to'. This was last summer so it's a while back but I still love the picture.

5. This is what my nails look like right now. They are grey, mixed with a colourfull neon pink twist. I thought well, why not?

With love,

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