Photo diary #2

Well hello there creature from this planet or another one, I've no idea. Allright let's just for once try to act normal over here. Hi. I have made another photo diary collection thingy and I felt like sharing it with you guys todat. Also, I'm trying to avoid the things I have to do for school. Yes. I know. I'm such a nerd but right now I'm not. So, this weekend I went to Zeeland with Jim, like I told you guys about in an earlier post. We had an amazing weekend! His father is so nice and we just had 2 completely relaxed days together. This evening the Dutch soccer team is playing against the German one and it's a really big deal in Europe so in a few minutes I will go paint my nails orange! My mom just bought me an orange T-shirt and I will be wearing an orange flower in my hair. Maybe it'll help them to win?! I am going to watch this game at my best friend's house and I'm looking forward to it, whatever the outcome might be. Allright, here are the pictures.

1) My lovely boyfriend in the morning -he's probably going to hate me now 'cause one, he didn't even know I made this picture and two, I wouldn't like it either when my sleepy head was exposed to every single creature in the world. But seriously ; isn't he cute?

2) A big 'yeah' for Chinese food, mjum!

3) When Jim and I were in Zeeland we went to the beach. The "town" is called Breskens and it's very close to Belgium. Pretty nice, hm? 

4) The colour I painted my nails with during class yesterday. The boys who were sitting next/behind me hated me and said that I was trying to kill them with the smell. Sorry guys!

5) Who doesn't love getting this right before school? My mom is the best.

With a big hug and much love,


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