Photo diary #3

I'm changing something guys ; before, I used Microsoft Word to make some sort of a college out of the pictures I wanted to share, but that didn't work so well because they pictures are too small. So, I'm just posting them like I posted pictures before starting Photo Diary posts. I hope this will make it easier to see what I'd love to show you!

Another note ; I made this post yesterday (26th) and I posted it today, so, this post includes my new buys I did today with my mom.

Summervacation! It's here. Yes, it really is. Finally. Over here in the Netherlands the summery weather hasn't really came out yet but today it was kinda sunny and warm. First I had to make my two last tests ; German and history. German was difficult and history went quite well I believe. When the bell rang, my heart skipped a beat. Finally I can do what I want whenever I want to do it. Like ; blogging! So after school me and my lovely friends went to the city centre thing and went sort of picknicking. Is that correct? I don't think so. Anyways, we split up and bought ourselves what we liked to eat and ate it up sitting in the sun. It was a lot of fun. So, after eating and chatting for a while we seperated. Me and one of the girls, Michelle, went shopping for a while and we sat down in the sun to tittle-tattle. I had so much fun, a great beginning of my summer.

So, here are the pictures I made along the week. Have fun looking at my silly life and I will post again soon!


New bracelets! Seriously, I have been looking for bracelets like these for so long and I finally found them! I'm thinking about buying the 'real' friendship bracelet. The 'below-one' is called like that and  this one obviously isn't real silver but I'd love to have a real silver one. Maybe for my 18th birthday in December?

Always a disaster, buying new bikini's for the summer. But, this is my first year without tears and other drama. I even had them in half an hour, isn't that amazing? I bought the black top seperately because I always love to not walk around like a disco ball so I can combinate them and yeah, I don't know, I wanted to be colourfull for once (because in like, casual and real 'clothes' stuff, I always tend to buy black and greyish stuff)

And here you see a perfect example of what I mean with I always buy black stuff. So I bought this short online a few weeks ago from Monki. It's a high-waisted one and I didn't get the chance to wear it yet but I will, definitely, in Aruba! The top I bought today and I am in love with it. When I take it out of my shorts, it has got some sort of an A-line and it's kinda cropped but not really and it's just a very summery tanktop. Including a real COLOUR this time, eventhough it also has black. again.

I went to my grandma and grandpa 2 weeks ago and she always buys us some cake or pie or something wehn we come over. But because she knows me so well, she assumed that I'd rather have something much more healthy so she bought me some fresh strawberries. How lovely! Look, they're taking a bath.

To continue with my healthy eating, me and my mom made this delicious salad with a little piece of goatcheese on top, rolled into bacon -the not-that-fat kind, obviously-.
Doesn't that plate look appealing to you? To me, it does!

Studying for my math test, which worked out very well 'cause I got a good grade! But for now ; bye bye studying!

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