Sleepy truth

Goodmorning lovely people out here who probably are at school and prefer to be in bed right now.
Yes I have the same problem. In the morning it so hard to leave my warm and cosy bed.
But why? Why are we so tired in the morning and when we're stepping into our best friends (beds) at night we want to jump around and stay awake all night? There are some things I just learned about sleep and I wanted to share them with you guys. Here they come.

"When you didn't get enough sleep during the week, you can catch up some hours of sleep in the weekend"

Truth ; it's tempting to think stuff like this, but it's much better for your body to have a stable rythm. When you go to bed and get up at the same time, you're night of sleep will be better and much more affective because you won't be as tired as you were before.

"You need your sleep so that your brains can rest"

Truth ; ofcourse you need sleep, but that's just for your body to get the rest it needs. It's not because of a tired brain or something. Your brains are still active while you're sleeping, so actually your brains never rest and don't really need it either.

"A good work-out in the evening makes you tired and therefore you'll sleep beter at night"

Truth ; when you work out regularly your body will get better sleep. But, you have to keep at least 3 hours between your work-out and your sleep-night-thing. When your body is cold or just normal temperature, you'll sleep better. After a good work-out your body needs 6 hours to get back to normal temperature. What does help to get a better night's sleep is yoga, but don't make it too tough.

"When you set your alarm earlier than you're supposed to leave your bed, you'll have more time to wake up and therefore you will be less tired"

Truth ; snoozing actually makes you much more tired. It's like eating chocolate. After one piece you want another and another and another. Snoozing is feeding your brains with chocolate. Your brains will increase your tiredness because they keep 'screaming'  for more.

"When you wake up in the middle of the night, the best thing to do is to not move and just keep trying to fall a sleep again, because when you get out of bed you're body will wake up and it's harder to fall asleep again."

Truth ; when you're awake for more than 20 minutes, get out of your bed. Why? because you're overthinking stuff and you're body can't fully relax. Go to a different room and do something or listen to music that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. Go downstairs, take a glass of warm milk or just water (no sugary beverage) and sit on the couch for a while. You will notice that your body can relax and you'll fall asleep again much faster.

Have a good night's sleep tonight my lovely readers!

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