Lovely people out there.
This sunday morning, I just wanted to lounge around. I'm home alone and I'm still in my pyjamas, sitting behind my desk with a glass of water and the tv on. Just chillin'. Allright let's not use that word, I actually hate it. So, I just found out I didn't make an outfit on Polyvore in so long. I really liked it before, and I still like to do it. I always want to have those things in real life.. Unfortunately it's kinda impossible, is it?
This time I made three outfits. The first one is the beachy kind of outfit. Just a plain shirt, bright shorts and some flipflops. I would totally wear it to the beach! -I will be leaving in a week, waaah- .
The second outfit is a more dressed up one. I really love the colour of the blouse! The third one is for a night out in the summer. It's not too hot and I didn't choose heels, 'cause ladies, our feet will hurt and that's not really called 'fun'. I hope you guys like these outfits and I hope you all have a great day!


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