Photo diary #4

Good afternoon beautiful creatures on this planet.

Because another week flew by, I owe you guys a Photo diary post!
So, here it is! Before I'm just going to jump in everything, I wanted to chat a while about my last week. Firstly, school is finally over. The only thing I've left to do is go and get my grades-list-thing. That will be this upcoming friday. After that, I'm officially FREE! So, that has to be celebrated, ofcourse. Friday night I am going to a party and sunday evening I have a family party thing. It sucks 'cause I'd love to have Jim around, but he's going to Zeeland again to visit his dad and stuff.
So, my application at that store thing I told you guys about was rejected. Or actually, I just am. Because I don't have enough experience. I understand their point, so I'm definitely not disappointed or something. So, another very exciting thing is that me and 3 of my best friends are starting a band! Next year we will rent a 'space' for one or two hours in a week and we'll pay for a 'band coach' and we'll see if we're gonna get somewhere! I will be the singer, and I'm nervous already although the people I will be in the band with are my best friends, I still am afraid to do everything wrong. Next to the fear of failing is a big smile, though. I hope it will work out!
Tonight I'm having a performance with the choir I'm in! Also a lot of fun! And and and, yesterday I finally pushed myself and I went running. I actually exceeded myself and run for 45 minutes straight! I could have made it one hour straight but I was afraid that I would pass out! It was hot. Seriously I felt like a baked patatoe and my head was TERRIBLE. I will put a picture in this post, my head almost looked like the colour of the shirt I was wearing. Well, enough talking! I have to go, work out wooohooo!


When we had a 'band conversation' I ate dinner at one of my friends. His dad is an amazing cook and he made this delicious Italian salad with chicken, pasta, bacon and other things I really enjoyed. Unfortunately for Jim there was a lot of garlic in there. Sorry honey!

One hour ago I jumped on my bike to go to a near shop centre thingy in the city next to the city I live in. I bought a little pouch for my phone and iPod to keep them together and protect them against the water when I will be in Aruba in less than 2 weeks! I also bought a 'to do' notebook and a bright pink nailpolish. The shirt which lies under it actually is my moms. She came home and I saw what she bought, secretly put it on and now we're sharing it. The colours are much brighter in real life, it's so summery I love it!

Me and my best friend Chantal had a lovely afternoon in the sun yesterday. Music, magazines and my favorite dark brown toasted bread with just a tomatoe. Healthy and delicious, believe me!

This pictures kinda is a cheating thing. This picture is made a long while ago at my cousin's house. I just wanted to share it with you guys because it looks (and was) sooooo delicious, don't you guys think so?

Because I love posting pictures of what I'm eating, here's a picture of my lunch when I was at Chantal's place a few days ago. It looks like a battlefield but you can wake me up in the middle of the night for just two slices of bread with a hard boiled egg.

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