Fighting against insomnia in a fun way

Goodnight stupid readers.
-I thought why not begin my post with something else but 'lovely readers'-

Today. Well, tonight to be exact, I am going to answer fun questions I found in this lovely and addicting world called 'the internet.'
I hope you will like to read this, I already know I will have lots of fun answering.

Where were you 3 hours ago?
I actually was on my elliptical three hours ago. No surprise.

Is there anything pink within 10 feet of you?
Yes, on my wrist. It's the plastic bracelet thingy I had to wear during my time in Aruba. The fun thing is ; Jim didn't cut the thing of yet either. -Is that correct? I don't know guys, it's 23.12, please don't hit me now-.

What are you wearing right now?
A white shirt with light grey stripes, my pyjama-shirt. Bought at Primark at the men section for only 5,- (euro's, duh). Oh, and my underwear. Wanna know what it looks like? Ask Jim. No, that was a joke. I suppose you aren't laughing. Anyways, My underwear is checked. Red and white.

What are the colours of your bedroom walls?
The colours over here might surprise you, actually! I 're-did' my room last year. My left wall is dark, army green and the other one is a 'sandy' beige white combination. A bit foresty.

Who is the last person you sent a message?
The last message I sent was on Facebook, to a friend I haven't talked to in a while and I was just wondering how he was doing. I don't even know if he even wants to talk to me, but I hope so.

What does your last text message say?
Kinda like this ; private. Annoying, hm?

Can you taste the difference between Pepsi and Coca Cola?
Actually I only drink water or tea -I'm the boring one, yes-. But if I would drink those soda's, I think I won't, no.

Is your hair curly or straight?
Curly. Very.

Which is the hardest thing you ever had to do?
As a child ; pulling my own tooth out and passing out afterwards. Twice.
For now ; after my parents had a fight, they both walked different ways and I had to choose who to follow. That, was horrible. Another hard thing ; telling my boyfriend that I wasn't coming over to have a BBQ with him and his family because I felt too insecure about myself. Letting someone down maybe is the hardest part for me. And audition. Yikes.

Favorite two colour combination?
Army or moss-green and black.

What is your favorite accesory?
Right now? The two bracelets I have on my left wrist ; both telling a story.

Which current celebrity's style do you admire most?
I think that will be Jessica Szhor.

What is your favorite fashion store?
Men at Work, H&M, Monki and Vila.

When was the last time you drove out of town?
-I don't drive yet, so imagine me on my bike or on an airplane-
Town as in my hometown ; today.
Town as in going across the border ; last month

With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?
The toilet making the usual 'just flushed' noise -my dad- and I can hear the cars on the highway near us (2 km or something) and I can hear myself typing -which you can see as the computer, but it's me making the noise-.

What was the latest thing you bought?
I paid when Jim and I went to dinner. That's the last thing I've spent money on because I seriously want to save some for fallshopping in September, yeei!

What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning?

Favorite food?
Salads -with goat cheese yum yum- bread -any kind- bananas and nuts. I prefer salted, but I always take the healthier 'unsalted' version. Oh oh and don't forget about plain yoghurt.

Biggest turn off?
No smile and real arrogance

What do you always have on you/wear? 
I always have hair clips in my hair the same way e-ve-ry day. And I always wear my bra, obviously. And underwear. Not even mascara. Nope. I'm not that kinda girl.

What does your blogname mean and how did you come up with it?
My blogname is 'My cup of tea' because I wanted to share things I like with other. And things you like or love you can call 'your cup of tea'. How did I came up with it? Seriously? DUH. simple. I just don't remember. Oops.

Favorite style of a top/blouse?
Loose, big and vintagy-looking, if that even is a word. Otherwise I just made it up. Fun!

Favorite TV show?
Awkward on MTV. And the news, seriously, I like to watch that. I also watch Gossip Girl, but for me that are DVD's. So. Yeah. That would be cheating.

What is your favorite childhood TV show?
When I was a baby kiddy ; Teletubbies and Sesame Street. After that ; Spongebob, Totally Spies, something I believe was called Super Big and Avatar.

What does your dream bedroom look like?
Like a tree house with lots of wood, tribal looking prints and a bed which looks like a pool, if you understand what I'm talking about. You can actually REALLY lay 'in' your bed, in stead of 'on' it. And I'd love to have a picture and memory wall.

Because these 25 questions are part of a TAG, I'd love to tag you all.
Please please please be so kind to let me know if you'll be answering these questions.
For now ; I hope you all have sweet dreams.
Talk to you soon!


Photo diary #5

Time for another Photo diary post while drinking some green tea with ginseng out of my Starbucks cup. Yes, life can be good sometimes.

Love, hugs and kisses,

He didn't want me to take a picture. I did. He loves me.

A piece I'm working on. Which sounds like I can play like an angel but actually, I followed lessons for just one year and I always try to do things I actually can't do. The first 2 lines are working out, let's find out if I'm capable of finishing this in one year.

Yesterday two schoolfriends of mine celebrated their birthday together so we had dinner at their place. Simple but very delicious.

My new babies I bought last week in Leiden. Fell in love with them right away. 

This picture just seemed one to put on Instragram. We had to park our bikes while shopping in Leiden and seriously, we were kinda lucky to find a place to park ours 'cause as you can see it's 'pretty' crowded over there.

Me and my friend Eva fed these babies -which are not real babies anymore- yesterday with left over bread. They were so happy they made noises. Cute!

After counting all my nailpolishes (62..)

This pictures is taken on Kijkduin beach 2 weeks ago when I went with a friend. The last day I actually laid in the sun this summer. I already miss it and I bet I'm not the only one. -and I don't know if I spelled bet right but I am lazy and I don't want to look it up-

Late night (s)talking about my nightstand

Lovely readers out there.

Here I am again, stalking you with another post about nothing more than useless stuff about something which is actually totally random. That, my dear aliens, was a stupid sentence.
Anyways, I was just watching other blogs because mister sleep doesn't want to have a date with me tonight. I saw that everyone was talking about back to school stuff and although I'm very jealous at those girls for being so succesful with blogging etc, it made me even more desperate that their posts were about clothes to wear to school and how to make your lashes look perfect and how to make sure you will get good grades and still have some kind of a social life. Everyone is focussed on being perfect and wanting everything to be perfect. And I am one of those crazy kids guys, I am, I totally don't have the right to talk this way but still, I do. Just to make sure that I can do something about the fact that you will all turn into perfectionistic zombies like me.

So, tonight, something else. I want you to take a look at your night stand. Yes, at this very moment right now I'll kill you if you don't. My nightstand, a beautiful piece of furniture -it actually is Ikea, but I call it beautiful 'cause it just is- with a picture of me and Jim on it, my glasses, my iPod in the drawer next to my Vaseline and my diary and the book I'm currently reading called "Zonder genade" from Renate Dorrestein. It's literature. The story is about a married couple who lose their son and try to make their marriage work again afterwards. It's heart-whole in it's own unique way. If you're in highschool like I am and you have to read Dutch literature than it's worth a try.

Anyways, back to my nightstand. Actually, it's not only just a handy thing to have. I would love to know what's on everyone's nightstand or desk or in their beds and bags and closets and hell yeah I totally sound like a #1 stalker right now. But aren't you guys curious sometimes? I am. But maybe that's just because I always want to have and be what other people have and are? I'm a loser like that.

Tomorrow, I will have my last day off before school starts. What I'm up to? Going to my friend -it's her birthday- and picking up a book about the Beatles for our 'final very important scription thingy'. Profielwerkstuk, in Dutch. And I'm planning to take the time to make a very long walk just to organize my head a little bit because I feel like the biggest 'scatterbrain' in the whole wide universe. My English also isn't what it's supposed to be so I'd better just take my rest for the night now.

Bye lovely people!
Oh, and if you want -I guess no one is responding, like no one ever does, and no I'm not asking for any sympathy or compassion right now, I'm stating facts here- let me know what's on your night stand!

With hugs,

Update ; back to school

Followers, random visitor and other crazy but lovely people.

Welcome, here I am again. I'm sitting in my bed being wide awake. Adrenalin is rushing through my body. Why? Because I will go on a snorkeltour to the moon with my dad tomorrow. School starts. Yes. And this will be my final year, which means I have to graduate. I'm so nervous. And, because I'm a perfectionist like crazy, I want to make a great start. Looking beautiful, feeling great, having my stuff organized etc. So that's what I've been up to ; organizing and cleaning up. I also spent 2 nights with my lovely boyfriend. We both have to get used to the idea not being able to be around eachother all the time. It's a good thing though, kinda.

My last week with my lovely girls was so much fun. We didn't actually make that many pictures and that's why I won't be posting them. Just because I don't know if they will agree with it and because, well, I only have like 5 or 6 pictures. Which is stupid.. I should have made more. At least I can tell you guys that we had a fun trip to Rijnsburg with your bikes.

I just thought well I have sooo many things to tell the readers I have, but I actually don't. My nails are navy blue with one silver one. The middle one. Wow great story bro.

With this final sentence, I want to say goodbye to the most amazing summer I had since years. Going to Aruba with my boyfriend was an amazing blessing to me and going to Curaçao afterwards made it even better. This past week was the cherry on top. Now it's time to clear away my bathing suits and suitcases and to prepare for a year of hard working and much blogging.

Bye lovelies, have a great night and good luck this upcoming year, wherever you all might be!

Time to go!

Lovely people who still read my blog!

Today is the day, I'm leaving with 8 fantastic girls to have four lovely days at the Dutch coast etc.
We hope to have lovely weather, but over here you just never know. Which actually is the greatest downside of living in the Netherlands. I hope all Dutchies agree on this one.

So, yesterday I packed most of my stuff and right now I still have some packing to do like my shower stuff and the food I'm brining -I am supposed to bring the more healthier stuff, which is great 'cause you guys know me-.

I made myself a lunch for today. Which I will need very badly because we have to go by bike! I think it will take us 2/3 hours to get there. And nobody knows exactly how to get there so our biggest love today is Google maps.

Yesterday, by the way, I went to Zeeland to go to my grandparents and their voilier. I took Jim with me and it was lovely. My lovely grandmother made the most amazing tuna salad and we swam next to the boat and it was amazing. I miss Jim a tiny little bit already eventhough I've seen him yesterday. Yes, I'm desperate. But who cares? If you guys knew how much I liked him and if you guys could feel what I feel you'd completely understand!

But, I also can't wait to have a girls-week-away! So, right now I have to shut this thing down and pack the last couple of things I have to bring! For now ; goodbye and you'll all see the pictures up soon!

To know what I'm up to while I'm away, you can follow my Instragram ; Stellsx.

Bye, and with love

Day Zero Project

I'm so excited I don't even want to make this an appropriate 'post-beginning-sentence'.
So, I just joined the Day Zero Project (click!).
What that is? You're supposed to make a list of 101 things you want to do in 1001 days -2,5 years-.
So, it's the huge version of new years solutions, kinda.
Right now I'm not even near 101 goals I added to my list but it's worth taking a look at, maybe.
I did it in English so that I was able to put this post up.
I don't know if I'm going to get this through and accomplish everything but it's definitely worth trying!

Love and sleep well,

Things we procrastinate and how not to

Good morning all of you out there in this beautiful world.
-Yes, a very very enthusiastic opening of this post-

Because I woke up fairly early today, and I'm procrastinating like crazy -working out isn't my favorite thing to do when my body doesn't want to wake up-. So, I thought why not make a blog post.
At first I had no idea what to blog about, but then I realised that all of us actually are great talents in procrastinating things. Like I am doing today ; not wanting to go on the eliptical and stuff.
Yesterday I went school-supply-shopping. Something many many of us also procrastinate.
But why do we procrastinate?

That's very easy, right? Things we don't want to or like to think about or things we just don't like to do because there are many more things to do which are more fun. Or it might be something we think is difficult or just to hard to handle.

Procrastinating is stupid. Yes, it is, we can all agree on that one don't we? Think about it. Stuff gets a lot more stressfull and painfull and difficult when we have to do it because of lack of time or something. Or when we just don't do it, we will not feel as good as when we would have just done it. Like me, I want to go on the elliptical today. I know that when I don't, I won't feel good about myself the whole day. That's just not the feeling I wanna have over here. So, what I am going to do next after posting this post is just go with it. It will be over soon, it just half an hour and I will watch Youtube clips thingies about lifestyle and beauty and fashion and hauls-things and I will even enjoy doing what I was reluctant about.

Over here I have some little tips for you. I hope they'll help you not procrastinate as much anymore.

Procrastinating shopping for schoolsupplies
No, school isn't that much fun. Yes, we prefer just chilling out on the beach sipping out of our Starbucks cups drinking a iced caramel latté. But life isn't always that lovely to us and something has invented that we are all supposed to go to school untill we have our diploma's and we can go our own way getting a job etc etc. So, we just have to go to school. There's nothing to procrastinate about that. But because you have this 'holiday and doing nothing feeling' you don't want to thing about that stressy thing called 'school'. BUT, for me, shopping for school supplies is a lovely feeling. I love it when I can buy huge note books and organization stuff so that I can begin my year of school with new, clean and still beautiful looking stuff. I love to be organised like that, just having an empty planner and new pens and pencils which actually still smell like wood. I love it when my eraser is still white and my markers still just give their own colour because I didn't use them yet. I actually like school -the first 1,5 week(s)-.
Make something fun of it. Go with your friends and plan a lunch or a dinner after it, together. Buy a planner which you can put pictures of your favorite pictures in. Buy fun stuff -and not only fun stuff, also the handy stuff ofcourse-. You'll see that going out to buy those things, isn't that bad. You just have to look at it with a colourfull pair of glasses on.

Procrastinating cleaning up your room/closet/bathroom
When you come back from your summer trip, everything seems to live their own life. Books and magazines fly around and your clothes seem to suddenly have little legs. Nothing stays in place and that's not something you still want to have when school starts again. So, clean up time! But, we don't actually like something like that. Which I can totally understand, believe me. But really ; with your favorite music on or your best friend on 'Skype' -use speakers or something, not your phone 'cause you need two hands to clean up everything extra fast- it won't be that bad guys, it just won't. Just work hard for an hour (or two) and afterwards you can just do what you want to. When you come home or just take an extra look at your room or your closet you'll feel better. And our mom's or dad's will be extra proud.

Procrastinating working out
My favorite thing to procrastinate, well well. No matter why you want to work-out, either wanting to lose weight or improve your physical conditions etc. working out is, as we all know, great for your body and mind. And, who says that working out is hard and boring? Like I just said, when I work out, I watch Youtube. Girls like Arose186 and Missglamorazzi -you guys should definitely check those channels out-. And guess what? Because I'm a Dutchie, I learn a lot from watching those American girls without being able to read the subtitles. Some tips to make working out fun is to

- Make a deal with yourself that you are allowed to have a reward when you're done. Maybe it's just taking a bath, watching tv or eating a cookie, just what you want to reward yourself with.
- Try talking your best friend or sister or mom or father or dog -the last one isn't that hard- into working out with you. Together is less boring and you can cheer eachother up -again, the last option won't acutally cheer you up that much- and when you tend to procrastinate, your buddy can cross the line for you and just drag you out of the house
- Don't set your goal too high. Without achieving something, procrastinating your work outs gets easier.

There undoubtedly are many more things people tend to procrastinate, but for now, my procrastinating time is over and I have to go have a date with my elliptical.

See you guys soon, have a great day!
Much love,


Home sweet home

Hello sun-kissed beach loving and beautiful girls! -and boys, maybe?-

Here I am again, back from being away! -that's a Dutch saying, I don't know if other languages 'say' that too-.
How are your lifes? Mine is great, my holiday in Aruba and Curaçao was more that great. Sun, sea, salt, pool, towels, music, cold water, lovely dinners and lunches, lazyness and above all ; my boyfriend!
I'll insert pictures at the end of this post.

Anyways, being back home again always makes me wanna plan some thing. Like ; making plans for my clothing this year, for my lifestyle, for my eating-schedule and stuff. I also love buying new school stuff and most of all a new agenda. Do you guys already have your school stuff?

Talking about school, this year will -hopefully- be my last highschool year. It has gone waaaay too fast. I barely remember the first day but still it feels like, just one year ago or something. I can't imagine myself walking around at an univeristy of something, it feels completely weird. I even will be eighteen soon, and I don't even feel mature yet. Eighteen.. Wow. Don't you guys think that's like, almost 'old'? Well, not the grey-hair and being wrinkled type of old ofcourse, but you're supposed to be responsible for your own stuff and over here in the Netherlands your allowed to drink every kind of alcohol -even the strongest types- and you're allowed to vote and it's just a crazy idea. I don't feel that old yet. But we'll see what time brings.

Today I have a fun day ahead of me. The sun is shining over here and allthough I already have a tan -yeah I'm so happy!- I will go to the beach in the afternoon with my best friend and her family. I'm looking forward to it, just talking and laying and doing nothing. Oh wow I'm seriously listeing to the Beegees right now? What a crazy kid am I right?
Anyways, I guess we will make some pictures so be on the look-out for that. -Is that a normal sentence?-

My brains are kinda turned out when I have so many weeks off. Do you guys feel the same way? I feel like a donkey, but then the more stupid kind. Donkeys are cute, aren't they? Allright, back to normal 'cause talking about cute donkeys actually isn't very fabulous.

I checked my statistics today by the way, and you guys really loved the Tortilla Pizza recipe I posted before I went away! I think I'm going to do that more often. Just cook something and put the recipe on my blog. Would you guys like that? -You normally don't answer questions but I just pretend you do (: -

Yeah, is there something more to tell? Oh yes there is, I want to proudly present you guys the first time I'm proud at myself for something. It's not like very proud, but it's just that I'm happy with something I did. You guys know I'm always busy with having a 'great' body and not wanting to eat anything with lots of calories and going on the elliptical every single day, right? Well, I al-ways gain weight during the holidays. I guess almost everybody does, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that don't get me wrong. But I just hoped I won't gain that much this year because I literally worked (out) my ass off past school year to lose some weight and thinking about getting it all back again in 4 weeks made me feel like one big failure. So, what I did? I ate better and I went to the gym over there in Aruba. Mostly in Curaçao actually! Every day I went for an hour! Two days I even went for more than 2 hours -in the morning and before dinner-. I loved it. I felt great afterwards and I could eat things with a 'gerust hart' -that's Dutch, it means something like when you accept something, being content about something you normally wouldn't be content with/about-.

What I also wanted to update you guys about is that I will be going away with my 8 friends the 20th of August. We will be going to 'Katwijk aan Zee'. It's near to the beaches of the Netherlands and last year, we had so much fun in Utrecht, I'm looking forward to this week too! There will be a blogpost about it afterwards, that's a promise.

So, I guess that's all! I hope you all had/will have a more than amazing and sunny holiday!

Much love and a big hug,

Pretty palmtrees

The rough side of the Island Aruba

Lovely 'take-away' salad while having dinner at the beach

A little stone-tower, made by me and Jim

My lovely boyfriend being pretty, haha


Isn't he lovely?