Home sweet home

Hello sun-kissed beach loving and beautiful girls! -and boys, maybe?-

Here I am again, back from being away! -that's a Dutch saying, I don't know if other languages 'say' that too-.
How are your lifes? Mine is great, my holiday in Aruba and Curaçao was more that great. Sun, sea, salt, pool, towels, music, cold water, lovely dinners and lunches, lazyness and above all ; my boyfriend!
I'll insert pictures at the end of this post.

Anyways, being back home again always makes me wanna plan some thing. Like ; making plans for my clothing this year, for my lifestyle, for my eating-schedule and stuff. I also love buying new school stuff and most of all a new agenda. Do you guys already have your school stuff?

Talking about school, this year will -hopefully- be my last highschool year. It has gone waaaay too fast. I barely remember the first day but still it feels like, just one year ago or something. I can't imagine myself walking around at an univeristy of something, it feels completely weird. I even will be eighteen soon, and I don't even feel mature yet. Eighteen.. Wow. Don't you guys think that's like, almost 'old'? Well, not the grey-hair and being wrinkled type of old ofcourse, but you're supposed to be responsible for your own stuff and over here in the Netherlands your allowed to drink every kind of alcohol -even the strongest types- and you're allowed to vote and it's just a crazy idea. I don't feel that old yet. But we'll see what time brings.

Today I have a fun day ahead of me. The sun is shining over here and allthough I already have a tan -yeah I'm so happy!- I will go to the beach in the afternoon with my best friend and her family. I'm looking forward to it, just talking and laying and doing nothing. Oh wow I'm seriously listeing to the Beegees right now? What a crazy kid am I right?
Anyways, I guess we will make some pictures so be on the look-out for that. -Is that a normal sentence?-

My brains are kinda turned out when I have so many weeks off. Do you guys feel the same way? I feel like a donkey, but then the more stupid kind. Donkeys are cute, aren't they? Allright, back to normal 'cause talking about cute donkeys actually isn't very fabulous.

I checked my statistics today by the way, and you guys really loved the Tortilla Pizza recipe I posted before I went away! I think I'm going to do that more often. Just cook something and put the recipe on my blog. Would you guys like that? -You normally don't answer questions but I just pretend you do (: -

Yeah, is there something more to tell? Oh yes there is, I want to proudly present you guys the first time I'm proud at myself for something. It's not like very proud, but it's just that I'm happy with something I did. You guys know I'm always busy with having a 'great' body and not wanting to eat anything with lots of calories and going on the elliptical every single day, right? Well, I al-ways gain weight during the holidays. I guess almost everybody does, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that don't get me wrong. But I just hoped I won't gain that much this year because I literally worked (out) my ass off past school year to lose some weight and thinking about getting it all back again in 4 weeks made me feel like one big failure. So, what I did? I ate better and I went to the gym over there in Aruba. Mostly in Curaçao actually! Every day I went for an hour! Two days I even went for more than 2 hours -in the morning and before dinner-. I loved it. I felt great afterwards and I could eat things with a 'gerust hart' -that's Dutch, it means something like when you accept something, being content about something you normally wouldn't be content with/about-.

What I also wanted to update you guys about is that I will be going away with my 8 friends the 20th of August. We will be going to 'Katwijk aan Zee'. It's near to the beaches of the Netherlands and last year, we had so much fun in Utrecht, I'm looking forward to this week too! There will be a blogpost about it afterwards, that's a promise.

So, I guess that's all! I hope you all had/will have a more than amazing and sunny holiday!

Much love and a big hug,

Pretty palmtrees

The rough side of the Island Aruba

Lovely 'take-away' salad while having dinner at the beach

A little stone-tower, made by me and Jim

My lovely boyfriend being pretty, haha


Isn't he lovely?

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  1. Hele mooie foto's! Zo te zien heb je het erg naar je zin gehad! Liefs