Late night (s)talking about my nightstand

Lovely readers out there.

Here I am again, stalking you with another post about nothing more than useless stuff about something which is actually totally random. That, my dear aliens, was a stupid sentence.
Anyways, I was just watching other blogs because mister sleep doesn't want to have a date with me tonight. I saw that everyone was talking about back to school stuff and although I'm very jealous at those girls for being so succesful with blogging etc, it made me even more desperate that their posts were about clothes to wear to school and how to make your lashes look perfect and how to make sure you will get good grades and still have some kind of a social life. Everyone is focussed on being perfect and wanting everything to be perfect. And I am one of those crazy kids guys, I am, I totally don't have the right to talk this way but still, I do. Just to make sure that I can do something about the fact that you will all turn into perfectionistic zombies like me.

So, tonight, something else. I want you to take a look at your night stand. Yes, at this very moment right now I'll kill you if you don't. My nightstand, a beautiful piece of furniture -it actually is Ikea, but I call it beautiful 'cause it just is- with a picture of me and Jim on it, my glasses, my iPod in the drawer next to my Vaseline and my diary and the book I'm currently reading called "Zonder genade" from Renate Dorrestein. It's literature. The story is about a married couple who lose their son and try to make their marriage work again afterwards. It's heart-whole in it's own unique way. If you're in highschool like I am and you have to read Dutch literature than it's worth a try.

Anyways, back to my nightstand. Actually, it's not only just a handy thing to have. I would love to know what's on everyone's nightstand or desk or in their beds and bags and closets and hell yeah I totally sound like a #1 stalker right now. But aren't you guys curious sometimes? I am. But maybe that's just because I always want to have and be what other people have and are? I'm a loser like that.

Tomorrow, I will have my last day off before school starts. What I'm up to? Going to my friend -it's her birthday- and picking up a book about the Beatles for our 'final very important scription thingy'. Profielwerkstuk, in Dutch. And I'm planning to take the time to make a very long walk just to organize my head a little bit because I feel like the biggest 'scatterbrain' in the whole wide universe. My English also isn't what it's supposed to be so I'd better just take my rest for the night now.

Bye lovely people!
Oh, and if you want -I guess no one is responding, like no one ever does, and no I'm not asking for any sympathy or compassion right now, I'm stating facts here- let me know what's on your night stand!

With hugs,

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  1. Well, in fact I don't have a nightstand. I do have a chair next to my bed, with a lot of stuff on it. 2 pair of sunglasses, a mirror, my 'wreck this journal' book, a pencil, a labellostick, 2 books of the series I'm reading -part 4 & 5-, and one white sock. I think I've lost the other one.. Sweet dreams Stella! X

    1. You seriously made me smile with the 'one white sock' part hahaha! I have a 'wreck this journal' too! Very smart of you to just put a chair next to your bed (: I think you're quite unique with that! Love and thanks for commenting, Stella.