Photo diary #5

Time for another Photo diary post while drinking some green tea with ginseng out of my Starbucks cup. Yes, life can be good sometimes.

Love, hugs and kisses,

He didn't want me to take a picture. I did. He loves me.

A piece I'm working on. Which sounds like I can play like an angel but actually, I followed lessons for just one year and I always try to do things I actually can't do. The first 2 lines are working out, let's find out if I'm capable of finishing this in one year.

Yesterday two schoolfriends of mine celebrated their birthday together so we had dinner at their place. Simple but very delicious.

My new babies I bought last week in Leiden. Fell in love with them right away. 

This picture just seemed one to put on Instragram. We had to park our bikes while shopping in Leiden and seriously, we were kinda lucky to find a place to park ours 'cause as you can see it's 'pretty' crowded over there.

Me and my friend Eva fed these babies -which are not real babies anymore- yesterday with left over bread. They were so happy they made noises. Cute!

After counting all my nailpolishes (62..)

This pictures is taken on Kijkduin beach 2 weeks ago when I went with a friend. The last day I actually laid in the sun this summer. I already miss it and I bet I'm not the only one. -and I don't know if I spelled bet right but I am lazy and I don't want to look it up-

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