Time to go!

Lovely people who still read my blog!

Today is the day, I'm leaving with 8 fantastic girls to have four lovely days at the Dutch coast etc.
We hope to have lovely weather, but over here you just never know. Which actually is the greatest downside of living in the Netherlands. I hope all Dutchies agree on this one.

So, yesterday I packed most of my stuff and right now I still have some packing to do like my shower stuff and the food I'm brining -I am supposed to bring the more healthier stuff, which is great 'cause you guys know me-.

I made myself a lunch for today. Which I will need very badly because we have to go by bike! I think it will take us 2/3 hours to get there. And nobody knows exactly how to get there so our biggest love today is Google maps.

Yesterday, by the way, I went to Zeeland to go to my grandparents and their voilier. I took Jim with me and it was lovely. My lovely grandmother made the most amazing tuna salad and we swam next to the boat and it was amazing. I miss Jim a tiny little bit already eventhough I've seen him yesterday. Yes, I'm desperate. But who cares? If you guys knew how much I liked him and if you guys could feel what I feel you'd completely understand!

But, I also can't wait to have a girls-week-away! So, right now I have to shut this thing down and pack the last couple of things I have to bring! For now ; goodbye and you'll all see the pictures up soon!

To know what I'm up to while I'm away, you can follow my Instragram ; Stellsx.

Bye, and with love

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