Update ; back to school

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Welcome, here I am again. I'm sitting in my bed being wide awake. Adrenalin is rushing through my body. Why? Because I will go on a snorkeltour to the moon with my dad tomorrow. School starts. Yes. And this will be my final year, which means I have to graduate. I'm so nervous. And, because I'm a perfectionist like crazy, I want to make a great start. Looking beautiful, feeling great, having my stuff organized etc. So that's what I've been up to ; organizing and cleaning up. I also spent 2 nights with my lovely boyfriend. We both have to get used to the idea not being able to be around eachother all the time. It's a good thing though, kinda.

My last week with my lovely girls was so much fun. We didn't actually make that many pictures and that's why I won't be posting them. Just because I don't know if they will agree with it and because, well, I only have like 5 or 6 pictures. Which is stupid.. I should have made more. At least I can tell you guys that we had a fun trip to Rijnsburg with your bikes.

I just thought well I have sooo many things to tell the readers I have, but I actually don't. My nails are navy blue with one silver one. The middle one. Wow great story bro.

With this final sentence, I want to say goodbye to the most amazing summer I had since years. Going to Aruba with my boyfriend was an amazing blessing to me and going to CuraƧao afterwards made it even better. This past week was the cherry on top. Now it's time to clear away my bathing suits and suitcases and to prepare for a year of hard working and much blogging.

Bye lovelies, have a great night and good luck this upcoming year, wherever you all might be!

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