Photo diary #6

-Insert an extraordinary creative opening here-.

Guys, I think I am going to cry now. Well, no, I probably won't 'cause there aren't many reasons to. But seriously, today I went to school to hear my mentor talk about this year and our examens and my graduation and I nearly passed out. Completely. I don't know where to find the strenght to believe in myself anymore. Deep inside, I know I can do is. I just can. It will be hard work. Studying like crazy. Practicing. Big time. Do you guys think I'll graduate? Thanks for the trust, love you too.

So, the real subject of this post. It's picture timeeeee. Let's jump right into it.

Today, me and all the other 'graduation-people' (I don't know, for us in the Netherlands we're in the 6th class pre-university something blabla). Anyways, we had a High Tea. With our metors. And many of us made some delicious things! So sad that I'm such a dork that I can't eat something 'fat' without feeling quilty. I know for sure that all those cakes and brownies were the most amazing things to find in school. For sure. 

I went to lunch with a lovely friend of mine. He even paid my Subway sandwhich. Ingrediƫnts were ; whole wheat bread, tuna, lettuce, onions and cucumber. -no sauce, duh-.

These were the little thingies I DID ate at the High Tea party. On top was a chicken-paprika-creamcheese-wrap, the lefty was a mini savory tart thingie, and that little pellet on the right was a mini sausage in puff pastry.

Home made salads! The left one was mine. 

'Now you're just somebody that I used to be'.
Little me.

-notice my pictures all contain food?-
This is a picture I made Sunday, when all my lovely girlfriends from 'the gang' came over to have a BBQ at my place. Yum!

This little creeper is Tijger (Tiger). She's my boyfriends furball. She's so cuddly and cute. Weirdest cat ever, she always makes me laugh.

Well I guess you guys have seen enough of me and my food-full-life now!
I am going to leave you guys alone. You can go now, live your lifes again and stuff!

Don't forget to brush your teeth!

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  1. Wow!This is amazing,babe!Love,love,loooove!