Quick update

Lovely readers!

The sun is shining. And no, I'm not joking, she really shines today! I'm watching the butterflies in my garden and this happy feeling comes up in my belly and I want to go join them in their bubbly-ness. But no, I have to stay inside today to work on this thesis for school. It's about the Beatles, so I have a fun subject to read about but even then, I still would appreciate this work to go quickly -or something like that- so that I can join the fortunate beings outside.

Before I jump into work, I wanted to do a quick blogpost. I dreamt about being this amazing, well-known blogger once, and I still want myself to be that way. But, really? Do I have to be well-known to love blogging as much as I do? No. Ofcourse not. Right? But it would be fun though, just sayin'.

So, yesterday I applied for this job. Well I didn't acutally apply, but what I did was sending my CV and my motivation to work at, dum dum dum ; The Men At Work! And some of you may think 'what on earth is that?'. If you're not a Dutchie, probably. But, if you are, and you know what I'm talking about, you might be excited for me! I am, for myself, actually. I don't know yet if this will all work out but if it does I will be working in of  the most unique clothing stores around.

Another fun thing is that my lovely girlfriends will come over today to have a BBQ-party at my place. I'm looking forward to it like a crazy cow with pink spots and purple ribbons.

I have to go because my thesis-books-things are screaming my name. Yuck.

Bye bye and much love,

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