The positive side of..

This is my first post in this topic. I wanted to choose something 'relatable' first. This is something I guess all us girls can relate to. Getting up early while it's freezing outside makes it even harder, the cold makes your hair frizzy and your lips dry and ugly. No, winter and fall season is not for all of us. Until now, after you've read these reasons why fall/winter season can be great, I hope you will get through these upcoming months a lot better than before.

We have to heart fall/winter season because..

.. we can cuddle ourselves up in our cosy blankets and sweaters.
.. we have an excuse to wear these sweaters.
.. the trees outside change into amazing, warm and earthy colours, which are beautiful!
.. the air gets chilly and fresh! Did you notice that autumn and winter air smells lovely?
.. we have an excuse to cuddle up against our boyfriend, girlfriend, crush, mommy, etc.
.. the new fall/winter fashion will come in stores!
.. this season contains lots of holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving (which we don't celebrate over here) Christmas, New Year's
.. this means we can go present-shopping! Don't you love going on shopping trips on your own to find those perfect little original gifts for those people you love?
.. taking baths and showers is waaaaay lovelier when it's cold outside.
.. we have ourselves an excuse to buy as many bodylotions, lipbutters and hairmasks as we want!
.. because this is the season of excuses: we have an excuse to go to Starbucks non-stop! Or just have yourselve a homemade hot chocolat. mmmm.
.. NYE gives us an oppurtunity to mentally start over. It's time to get that dreamjob or finally dare to spend many on those bright pink killer heels!
.. an umbrella can be a very fashionable 'add' to your outfit! (or just go out without one, maybe a cut boy/girl will ask you to join him/her under theirs!)
.. it's time for knitted scraves and woolen mittens, a-do-ra-ble? check!

I can go along and come up with another 20 silly reasons but guys, I think you'll already now by now: fall and winter aren't that bad if you approach it with pink glasses and a smile.

Much love, many kisses and a huge thank you for reading this crazy 'rambling'.

Blog body?

Lovely readers!

I decided that I want to give my blog more 'body'. To really make something out of it. And that is why I want to start making 'collums'. This means I will have some topics. Some subject which will return more often, like Photo Diary. I want to concentrate on the following things.

Last week..

Lovely readers, long time no see, write, read?

With this post I wanted to update you guys on what happened in my wonderful life. 
Last week..

.. I had a fever and for that reason I missed out on my frist French exam and missed a whole week of school including a trip to a famous Belgium city. Seriously, it felt horrible to miss out on everythign.

.. My memory card on my phone decided to stop working. This means that I can't take any pictures -with my phone- or 'see' pictures or post pictures on Instragram etc. I will turn 18 soon so I think it is time for a new phone, because mine isn't doing very well anymore. I love my phone, though. But I already have it for over two years and I guess smartphones don't 'live' much longer.

.. My boyfriend and I were together for half a year. I was so happy, really. It meant the world to me to be with him that day. And by the way, I already was sick and DID go to school because I wanted to see him! He came home that day from a week vacation in Gran Canaria. Really, I love him.

.. Last friday my mom and I went shopping and I finally bought the shoes I have been eyeing for a while. They cost me a lot, but they are definitely worth it! I didn't wear them yet, but that's because I don't want them to get ugly or something. I will insert a picture from internet! 

.. Most exciting news ; I GOT A JOB! While I was shopping with my mom, we went to my favorite store ; Men At Work. To make a long story short, I was asked earlier to come work over there, but the store is an hour away from my home. But, when they asked me again last week, I decided to just try, because I love the store so much and my mom told me she and my dad were willing to bring me by car if that's neccesary. So, the girl who asked me took me to the storemanager, who asked me to come for an application the next morning. So, that happend. And I got the job! Tomorrow is my first day, 9 to 6 phew! I am very nervous but very excited at the same time! 

Well, I guess that's it! I have an exciting life, don't I? hahaha, allright.. now, I have to go and get under my rock.. learning time!

Timberland Teddy Fleece Taupe

Photo Diary #8

Lovely readers!

Over here on this little part of this like, huge thing called the internet, I will post some pictures that illustrate some things that are happened in my life the past few days. There aren't as much pictures as the last time I did this kind of post, but we will all have to deal with it. And, I just found out that I only have 2 hahahaha. I'm sorry guys!

With much love and hugs and kisses,

This, my boyfriends stepdad 'made' for me yesterday.I was waiting on my boyfriend to get home from work and while waiting, I was working on my math homework. Isn't it sweet?

-Somehow, I alays manage to have more than 50% of food-pics-
This is Monday evenings dinner I believe ; Sauerkraut! 
My favorite out of all dinners I could possibly have.

Yummie recipe alert!

304547_428701860499569_361999553_n_largeToday, I found out something amazingly delicious and I just wanted to quickly share it with the people I like the most ; the people who read my blog! Seriously, I don't even think there are many. Still. But, allright, no problem. I still want to be doing this as long as possible.

For now, the little recipe.
A Greek yoghurt treasure, guys.

What you need is a little can of Greek yoghurt, I like the Total kind, 0% fat etc. I don't know if it's available everywhere in the world, but over here in the Netherlands it is.
So, just mix the yoghurt with 1 tablespoon of raw honey and some almonds or walnuts and hat you have is a lovely and super healthy and instantly filling snack!

If you want to eat is as a lunch I recommend eating 2 little cans together in a bigger bowl and adding a banana (or any fruit you like) and some grenola of your choice.

Let me tell you, it's delicious.                
Bon Appetit! 


The picture is from

DIY Beautyproducts

Yes, fall is kicking in. Yes, our bodies and our skin are starting to feel the difference and are screaming for some help! S.O.S hydration. But, girls, we don't have that much money to spend on all those high end masks and bodytreatments, do we? We also have to walk around in the most stylish clothes, which also costs loads of money. So why not make our beauty miracles ourselves? How? Let me tell you.

Photo diary #7

The past few weeks in pictures ; I hope you'll enjoy reading and watching! Much love! 

At school ; working on our thesis about the Beatles! Afterwards, I couldn't even look at those books anymore, so. much. WORK.

Same day ; I had to search for useful information. There was a lot of information, yes.

A few weekends ago, Jim and his parents took me to the 'Rijkszwaanfeest'. His stepdads work. We had a fun day, learning stuff about the genetic growth of vetgetables and stuff. This man over here as an entertainer. He did crazy and dangerous stuff ; he just was great.

On Monday September 17th, me and my school choir went to Den Haag for a dressrehearsel for the next day. We had to sing a song for ministers and other important parlementary people. It went well. Over here we had dinner at VIP ; Very Italian Pizza. I had a simple balsamico salad. It was delicious.

Ohyeah! Excitement. Jim bought a kingsize bed for us to sleep in. The only downside ; we had to set it up ourselves. After 3 hours of work, we finished it. And afterwards slept in it. Lovely.

The morning after ; breakfast time!

Jim trying to make the eggs cook faster by just watching them. He didn't want me to make a picture. I did. I'm such a great girlfriend, don't you think? -joke-.

Getting ready. I had so much fun making stupid faces.

Before Ivo and I went to our very first band rehearsel, we made pancakes. Whole wheat! Mjum.

OOTD ; One of my most favorite tops. Flowy and with a everything-but-boring print! Do you like it as much as I do? -In the back you can see my beautiful red raincoat-.

Me giving my lovely boyfriend a kiss while sitting on the boat back to Vlissingen to take the train back home.

Golf course! -I had to go with school, and I failed, ofcourse.-

During English class ; my favorite lip smacker, so delicious!

This is my lovely little animal friend Puck eating some chicken filet stuff I gave her yesterday. Over here, the 4th of October is 'animal day'. Isn't she adorable? -Well, the back of her head..-

That's it lovelies!
Bye bye now!


Lovely readers out there spending your free time on my blog -I love you, seriously-.
I want to share some things with you, because I feel like it has been too long ago, simply.
So, where to begin?

At first, I made lots of pictures lately to upload another Photo Diary post, but there are so many and right now our schoollaptop isn't really helping me out, so that post will be up soon.

Secondly, this Saturday, I exprienced something I'd rather would not. I never ever want to see something like this happen again. I went to Zeeland with Jim to visit his dad, stepmom and little sister. We drove there by train, which took us FIVE FREAKING HOURS. Anyways, that's not the point. Being there was a lot of fun, I always feel like home when I'm over there with him.
Saturday, his little sister had something like a party, because the gymnatics organisation thing excisted for 25 years. There were fun games to do, and they set out a walking tour thing through the countryside. During the walk people were able to drink something and get a little snack. The place to get that stuff was kind of  'runned' by Jims dad and his stepmother. So, Jim and I arrived, together with two little boys. A few minutes later, their parents also came. We drank and ate something.
I heard one of the little boys say "Dad, we're going to continue the walk, is that allright?" and his dad answered yes and the little boys took of together. The next few minutes were horrible. Suddenly, and I still don't know why, I just took a look at them. I saw a red car, I heard the noise of squeaky breaks and a "dull bang". I saw one of the little boys getting hit by the car. He really flew, like, 3 or even 4 meters and then he landed in the grass -fortunately!-. Everyone began screaming and running towards the little sufferer. I stood there, as like I was pinned to the ground. I couldn't believe it. Jim called the alarmnumber, which is 1-2-2 over here in the Netherlands. I ran towards him and grabbed his hand, not able to say something or even cry. When the ambulances (three!) came, I started crying. I was the only one who actually saw the thing happen, so when the police came I had to answer a few questions and give the agent my adress and phone number etc. A few minutes later, a helicopter came. They thought that maybe the little boy had serious injuries, but after all he only -and yes, only, because it could have been a lot worse- has 3 fractures and those will heal quickly because he is a child.
Afterwards I was kinda shocked and Jim and I went home together. Jim was -and still is- my hero and he comforted me. I hope that this will never happen to you or your loved ones. This is something which only happens in movies right? Well, no.

Thirdly, a happy thing! I am in a band! Last Tuesday (September 25th) we had our first 'rehearsel'. I am in it with Vincent and Ivo, two great friends of mine that I know for along time already! Right now, it's October 5th, because I didn't have enough time to finish the blogpost while being at school, but, the second rehearsel didn't go that well. When I sing, my voice turns into something very sweet and soft, but the coach said I have to try to sing a bit more powerful, which is very difficult for me. I kinda lost my confidence right now.. We will see.

I am so excited for my Photo Diary now that I am going to finish this post!
Much love,