Blog body?

Lovely readers!

I decided that I want to give my blog more 'body'. To really make something out of it. And that is why I want to start making 'collums'. This means I will have some topics. Some subject which will return more often, like Photo Diary. I want to concentrate on the following things.

Photo Diary
This topic is something you all have seen before. Content ? 
Pictures about my life. Just some updates on love, life, clothes, food etc.

The positive side of..
Because I am such a negative person, I want to do something to change that.
It's not that I never smile, 'cause I actually do smile a lot. But I just want to teach myself
how to see the positive side of things and I am going to take you all with me on this journey, so let's take off -allright, now 
that's a cheesy joke-

Piece of mind
In this topic I want to just share my thoughts with you about quotes and society-things like 'perfectionism' and other crazy things. I don't know what this will exactly be like, but this caterpillar will be a butterfly soon -ENOUGH WITH THE CHEESYNESS STELLA-.

Teatime with Stells
When you see this popping up on your screen, it means me just blabla-ing away about something, not knowing what to talk about but definitely want to talk about something. Another name for boring randomness. yeah! By the way, I like Stells more than just Stella. That's why.

Every once in a while, which is not very often I think, I will post some recipes or yummy food ideas like my Tortilla Pizza and Greek Yoghurt thingy I already 'did'. This will all go in the Yummybook. I am thinking about making a 'page' for this topic, what do you guys think?

Well, I think this is actually 'it' for now.
If you guys have any questions or just something to say, tell me, please! I know that
like, one or two people might read my blog? Don't be afraid of me, I will be so so so happy to know what
you think about all my random talking.

Love, hugs and kisses!

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