Lovely readers out there spending your free time on my blog -I love you, seriously-.
I want to share some things with you, because I feel like it has been too long ago, simply.
So, where to begin?

At first, I made lots of pictures lately to upload another Photo Diary post, but there are so many and right now our schoollaptop isn't really helping me out, so that post will be up soon.

Secondly, this Saturday, I exprienced something I'd rather would not. I never ever want to see something like this happen again. I went to Zeeland with Jim to visit his dad, stepmom and little sister. We drove there by train, which took us FIVE FREAKING HOURS. Anyways, that's not the point. Being there was a lot of fun, I always feel like home when I'm over there with him.
Saturday, his little sister had something like a party, because the gymnatics organisation thing excisted for 25 years. There were fun games to do, and they set out a walking tour thing through the countryside. During the walk people were able to drink something and get a little snack. The place to get that stuff was kind of  'runned' by Jims dad and his stepmother. So, Jim and I arrived, together with two little boys. A few minutes later, their parents also came. We drank and ate something.
I heard one of the little boys say "Dad, we're going to continue the walk, is that allright?" and his dad answered yes and the little boys took of together. The next few minutes were horrible. Suddenly, and I still don't know why, I just took a look at them. I saw a red car, I heard the noise of squeaky breaks and a "dull bang". I saw one of the little boys getting hit by the car. He really flew, like, 3 or even 4 meters and then he landed in the grass -fortunately!-. Everyone began screaming and running towards the little sufferer. I stood there, as like I was pinned to the ground. I couldn't believe it. Jim called the alarmnumber, which is 1-2-2 over here in the Netherlands. I ran towards him and grabbed his hand, not able to say something or even cry. When the ambulances (three!) came, I started crying. I was the only one who actually saw the thing happen, so when the police came I had to answer a few questions and give the agent my adress and phone number etc. A few minutes later, a helicopter came. They thought that maybe the little boy had serious injuries, but after all he only -and yes, only, because it could have been a lot worse- has 3 fractures and those will heal quickly because he is a child.
Afterwards I was kinda shocked and Jim and I went home together. Jim was -and still is- my hero and he comforted me. I hope that this will never happen to you or your loved ones. This is something which only happens in movies right? Well, no.

Thirdly, a happy thing! I am in a band! Last Tuesday (September 25th) we had our first 'rehearsel'. I am in it with Vincent and Ivo, two great friends of mine that I know for along time already! Right now, it's October 5th, because I didn't have enough time to finish the blogpost while being at school, but, the second rehearsel didn't go that well. When I sing, my voice turns into something very sweet and soft, but the coach said I have to try to sing a bit more powerful, which is very difficult for me. I kinda lost my confidence right now.. We will see.

I am so excited for my Photo Diary now that I am going to finish this post!
Much love,

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