Photo diary #7

The past few weeks in pictures ; I hope you'll enjoy reading and watching! Much love! 

At school ; working on our thesis about the Beatles! Afterwards, I couldn't even look at those books anymore, so. much. WORK.

Same day ; I had to search for useful information. There was a lot of information, yes.

A few weekends ago, Jim and his parents took me to the 'Rijkszwaanfeest'. His stepdads work. We had a fun day, learning stuff about the genetic growth of vetgetables and stuff. This man over here as an entertainer. He did crazy and dangerous stuff ; he just was great.

On Monday September 17th, me and my school choir went to Den Haag for a dressrehearsel for the next day. We had to sing a song for ministers and other important parlementary people. It went well. Over here we had dinner at VIP ; Very Italian Pizza. I had a simple balsamico salad. It was delicious.

Ohyeah! Excitement. Jim bought a kingsize bed for us to sleep in. The only downside ; we had to set it up ourselves. After 3 hours of work, we finished it. And afterwards slept in it. Lovely.

The morning after ; breakfast time!

Jim trying to make the eggs cook faster by just watching them. He didn't want me to make a picture. I did. I'm such a great girlfriend, don't you think? -joke-.

Getting ready. I had so much fun making stupid faces.

Before Ivo and I went to our very first band rehearsel, we made pancakes. Whole wheat! Mjum.

OOTD ; One of my most favorite tops. Flowy and with a everything-but-boring print! Do you like it as much as I do? -In the back you can see my beautiful red raincoat-.

Me giving my lovely boyfriend a kiss while sitting on the boat back to Vlissingen to take the train back home.

Golf course! -I had to go with school, and I failed, ofcourse.-

During English class ; my favorite lip smacker, so delicious!

This is my lovely little animal friend Puck eating some chicken filet stuff I gave her yesterday. Over here, the 4th of October is 'animal day'. Isn't she adorable? -Well, the back of her head..-

That's it lovelies!
Bye bye now!

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