Photo Diary #8

Lovely readers!

Over here on this little part of this like, huge thing called the internet, I will post some pictures that illustrate some things that are happened in my life the past few days. There aren't as much pictures as the last time I did this kind of post, but we will all have to deal with it. And, I just found out that I only have 2 hahahaha. I'm sorry guys!

With much love and hugs and kisses,

This, my boyfriends stepdad 'made' for me yesterday.I was waiting on my boyfriend to get home from work and while waiting, I was working on my math homework. Isn't it sweet?

-Somehow, I alays manage to have more than 50% of food-pics-
This is Monday evenings dinner I believe ; Sauerkraut! 
My favorite out of all dinners I could possibly have.

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