The positive side of..

This is my first post in this topic. I wanted to choose something 'relatable' first. This is something I guess all us girls can relate to. Getting up early while it's freezing outside makes it even harder, the cold makes your hair frizzy and your lips dry and ugly. No, winter and fall season is not for all of us. Until now, after you've read these reasons why fall/winter season can be great, I hope you will get through these upcoming months a lot better than before.

We have to heart fall/winter season because..

.. we can cuddle ourselves up in our cosy blankets and sweaters.
.. we have an excuse to wear these sweaters.
.. the trees outside change into amazing, warm and earthy colours, which are beautiful!
.. the air gets chilly and fresh! Did you notice that autumn and winter air smells lovely?
.. we have an excuse to cuddle up against our boyfriend, girlfriend, crush, mommy, etc.
.. the new fall/winter fashion will come in stores!
.. this season contains lots of holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving (which we don't celebrate over here) Christmas, New Year's
.. this means we can go present-shopping! Don't you love going on shopping trips on your own to find those perfect little original gifts for those people you love?
.. taking baths and showers is waaaaay lovelier when it's cold outside.
.. we have ourselves an excuse to buy as many bodylotions, lipbutters and hairmasks as we want!
.. because this is the season of excuses: we have an excuse to go to Starbucks non-stop! Or just have yourselve a homemade hot chocolat. mmmm.
.. NYE gives us an oppurtunity to mentally start over. It's time to get that dreamjob or finally dare to spend many on those bright pink killer heels!
.. an umbrella can be a very fashionable 'add' to your outfit! (or just go out without one, maybe a cut boy/girl will ask you to join him/her under theirs!)
.. it's time for knitted scraves and woolen mittens, a-do-ra-ble? check!

I can go along and come up with another 20 silly reasons but guys, I think you'll already now by now: fall and winter aren't that bad if you approach it with pink glasses and a smile.

Much love, many kisses and a huge thank you for reading this crazy 'rambling'.

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