Yummie recipe alert!

304547_428701860499569_361999553_n_largeToday, I found out something amazingly delicious and I just wanted to quickly share it with the people I like the most ; the people who read my blog! Seriously, I don't even think there are many. Still. But, allright, no problem. I still want to be doing this as long as possible.

For now, the little recipe.
A Greek yoghurt treasure, guys.

What you need is a little can of Greek yoghurt, I like the Total kind, 0% fat etc. I don't know if it's available everywhere in the world, but over here in the Netherlands it is.
So, just mix the yoghurt with 1 tablespoon of raw honey and some almonds or walnuts and hat you have is a lovely and super healthy and instantly filling snack!

If you want to eat is as a lunch I recommend eating 2 little cans together in a bigger bowl and adding a banana (or any fruit you like) and some grenola of your choice.

Let me tell you, it's delicious.                
Bon Appetit! 


The picture is from weheartit.com

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  1. Greec yoghurt is very healthy. I like it with aalbessen (Red current). Thank you for the healthy advice.