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Lovely readers!

This is going to be a very girly post! Why? Because I'm going to give you girls out there some tips on how to organise a beauty day for just you, yourself and.. you. That should have been a catchy sentence. It's morning guys, I'm not that inspirational. Because I've spent the last few days with my boyfriend, it feels weird to be completely alone again. But, being alone can also be a pre! Why nog organise a beauty day? Take your time and pamper yourself to look completely fabulous on New Years Eve?! This is my 'step plan'. That isn't a word I believe, but who cares, I hope you understand me.

Step 1.
Make sure you tell your family that you're going to have some me-time. Your little brother might not disturb you as much, your sister won't steal the bathroom and your mom won't disturb you with little household jobs thingies.

Step 2.
If you have a bathtub, fill this with water while doing this step. Don't forget your favorite bodywash or a bathbomb, whatever is your choice. Set out all of your beautyproduct you'd like to use to pamper yourself. Think about bath stuff. Maybe you have some Lush or Rituals? Other things are great too ofcourse, but those brands are my favorite to use. Make sure you use products you think smell nice and are soothing and soft.

Step 3.
Slowly and gently srub your body with your favorite scrubsoapstuff. Be very gentle because your body might be very  sensitive because of the winter season.

Step 4.
Take a quick, luke warm or coldish shower to rinse of the scrub and stimulate your blood circulation. After your shower, step into your bathtub. If you don't have bathtub, you can do the following steps under the shower as well.

Step 5.
Wash your hair with your favorite shampoo and gently comb your hair out. Now you can use a hair mask. Take the mask -you can also use a condtioner if you don't have a hairmask- and spread it evenly on your hair. If I was you I would not use the mask on the top of your head at the roots because your hair might lose volume or your scalp might get a bit greasy. After putting your mask in, put your hair up in a top bun.

Step 6.
While bathing and waiting for the hairmask our condtioner to really set in your hair, you can read a magazine or just listen to your iPod -tip ; put your iPod in little speakers, because you earphones might get wet while bathing-.

Step 7.
When you've rinsed the products out of your hair, step out of your bathtub and put a towel around your head. Make sure to pat yourself dry and now rub the towel over your body. This can have a scrubby-effect and we've already done the scrub part.

Step 8.
Take your favorite face mask -or use a thick moisturizer- and spread this out on your face. While you're letting this sit for 10/15 minutes -if you use a moisturizer, you can just let it sit without rinsing it of- pamper your body with a rich body butter. Right now you can rinse your face mask of with luke warm water -don't use warm water, this might dry your face out-. Take your moisturizer and put it on your face, together with an eyecream -totally optional- and a lipbutter.

Step 9.
Right now, you can file and polish your nails. Take your favorite colour and don't forget a base- and topcoat! For an instant glamour feeling, use a glittery topcoat!

Step 10.
This step is totally optional again, but I like to do this. Take a handcream and without using too much ; give your hands a little massage and let it sit for a while, to make sure your clothes etc. won't get greasy and dirty.

I hope you liked this me-day-idea. Lots of love and have fun!

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