Lovely Sunday

Lovely Sunday morning everyone!

While I'm waiting for the oven to preheat and stuff, I just sat down and thought that it would be a nice time to update you guys again. And I just miss blogging, like I said before. The last few weeks I was so busy and I felt like I didn't even had time to take a look at other blogs! So, what happened? Yes, I am eighteen years old now! Say hooray for maturity! Not that I feel mature, though. I feel like a little girls needing attention from her boyfriend all the time because she's always scared that she isn't good enough oh yes. But my boyfriend is the sweetest. And I have to get my life back on track, like, I need to do stuff in stead of just wait and see what happens. SO. I have to make you guys a promise that I will update my blog more often upcoming days. I might even do a Bloguary this year again. Shall I? I hope I will be able 'cause last year I loved it!

So, I think I still have got five minutes left or so. I'm going to update you quickly. For my birthday, I got a new phone (an iPhone 5, and I feel such a lucky bastard you guys, I still do). And I love my new phone, it's SO addicting!
Also, the annual musicnights at school aren't in December this year anymore because a schoolmate passed away. It was so sad and I'm still thinking about him very often. I didn't even know him, but I sang for him at school and it was just very touching and impressive.

-oven making a very annoying beeping noice-

I put the little baguettes in the oven now guys, and I put the water up to boil two eggs ; for myself and for my mom, who is still lying in bed! I am so jealous of her! But I had to get up early to practice for a very important presentation tomorrow (in English!). But, to go on with my stories, my boyfriends present was.. going to a musical together! He gave me tickets to a musical called 'Wicked'. We went Wednesday the 12th and it was a-ma-zing! Seriously, musicals are my favorite things to watch! The singing, dancing, everything it's just so amazing and so proffesional! Thank you Jim, if you are reading this, you are amazing.

Yesterday, a very good friend of mine celebrated his family birthday and me and his best friend who's also a very good friend of mine (yes I am talking about you now) went. We ate ertensoep, which is Dutch for a soup made out of peas. I believe it's typically Dutch. I didn't eat it before and I loved it, it was very delicious. Afterwards, my bitrhdayboy friend sat down and played the piano. He doesn't even play the piano for real, he plays guitar. But it was so beautiful and he is so freaking talented! I was able to record it on my phone and I can't stop listening to it.
I had to go home fairly early because I was on my bike. So, the other great friend of mine, called Laurens (who still has got issues -inside joke-) brought me home safe and we spent 1,5 more hours together just talking and he played guitar and stuff, it was fun because I didn't talk to him for a while because he is a student now and I'm just a poor little high school girl.

The baguettes are ready, bye guys!
Much love!

ps ; here are some pictures I made Wednesday with Jim and my birthdaycake and christmastree!

Foto: Wicked waaaah

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