Sweet 18, Christmas and Amsterdam

Well, hello there!

Tonight is the night! I'm celebrating my eighteenth birthday for all of my friends! All of my friends, like, over 40 people in my livingroom. It will be insanely crowded, I hope everyone can find a place to sit down or something. I'm looking forward to it like crazy, although I don't know what to wear yet. I want to look gorgeous.. I'm such a perfectionist, you all know right? I will post an outfit picture later. I wanted to make a picture of everything me, my mom, dad and boyfriend bought yesterday, but I forgot. Shame on me.
Anyways, because I have the most amazing friends ; they all have surprises for me. They teamed up in several groups to make or get me something which is very special and I'm so. freaking. curious! I just have the most amazing friends on earth. Eventhough that's my opinion, I just know that they are.
So, my mom has been stressing out like crazy. 'What if they ruin our christmastree?' 'What if they ruin the floor by just stepping in- and outside with wet and dirty shoes' etc. I love her. My parents, by the way, will be staying home. My dad is makeing some hamburgers and stuff around midnight so that no one will get hungry (or drunk..). I hope my friends will have an awesome time!

Tomorrow, Jim and I will be going to Zeeland, celebrating christmas eve with his dad! The first day of christmas we will have lunch at my house and dinner and his mom's house and we will be sleeping at my house again to have breakfast on the second day of christmas with my family and we will have dinner with my family over at my grandparents house. It will be crazy, we will be travelling a LOT. But I look forward to it! I bought some presents and I hope they'll all like them.

The 29th, Jim and I are planning a trip to Amsterdam. We will go shopping and stuff, maybe have some dinner over there together. Do you guys have any tips to go and see in Amsterdam? Of course I've been there before but I thought maybe you guys have some tips on where to shop or eat or something.

Well, this is my update for now! I will keep you all posted! I will do a more 'useful' post soon.. I feel very guilty 'cause I don't post as often as I promised. And if I do a blogpost, it're just updates, which aren't that useful and fun too..
Sorry guys!

With most love and merry christmas!

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