Recommendation | Michael Prins

In case you're a dreamy person like me, and in case you like Singer Songwriters, you should definitely check out the first album of Michael Prins. In The Netherlands, we have a TV program that is called 'The best Singer Songwriter". This guy has won last season, and I think his music is very nice to listen to if you're just in a chillmood. Beware; it's all a bit sad. In addition, the album is called 'Rivertown Fairytales', so that can be a reason for the saddy-dreamy-ness. My favorite song of the album is "Hey Now Hey", because I fall in love with guitar intro's every single time. The song is just beautiful. At least, in my opinion. I hope you like it, and if not; no problem, we're all different and unique! I'll include a Youtube video of his first performance, the song called "Close to you". I remember being all teared-up when I heard this for the first time.


Update | The first term

Good 'whatever-the-part-of-the-day-it-might-be-when-you-are-reading-this'.

Because Blogspot has an amazing option that shows me how many people read certain posts, I saw that all of you really liked -or disliked, and you wanted to show you friends how amazingly stupid I am, duh!- my latest 'Update' post. So, to me this is some feedback on what I should be writing about more. You all seem fairly interested in my life -which I totally understand, I mean, glitter glamour all the way?!- and that is why I'm putting this post up for you right now! I've been struggling a bit, I didn't know what to write due to a lack of interesting things happening in my life. But, then I suddenly realised; I've been learning so many interesting new things that I could share with you all, right? So, that's what I'll be doing today! What have I been learning? How does my study programm inspire me? Do I get a better insight in what I want to be doing for the rest of my life?

The courses I have been following are called..
.. Introduction to Communication
.. Introduction to Intercultural Communication
.. Introduction to Internal Communication
.. Introduction to Marketing
.. English Skills I and II

So, you can see that I've been having a lot of introductions. 'Hi, my name is Stella, and yours? Oh hi, my name is Communication'. Yeah.
To inform you a little bit more, I'll explain to you what everything is about.

When I tell people I'm studying Communication, they all say 'What exactly are you studying then? Isn't it amazingly broad?'.  And yes, it is. As you can see, there are many different ways to communicate, and many different areas of communication I'll be introduced to during these 3 years. Let's say that communication as a whole is: "When people are sharing ideas, perceptions, information or emotions in order to create mutual understanding". Communication is a two-way process. Right now, I'm communicating with you guys. However, this is a one-way process, because you're not responding to me. When you were, or will be, our communication process will change into a two-way one. What I've been learning in this course are different theories and methods people use while communicating with their audiences/target population/receiver groups and what channel they're using to do that.

Intercultural Communication
Communicating with your family is generally way easier than with others. This depends on how close your relationships are. But, why is it more difficult to communicate with someone from another country? Sometimes even from another part of your country? Because people from different cultures have different sets of beliefs, values and perceptions. Also, culture is the software of the mind. Every single creature out there has been taught how to communicate through the glasses of their own culture, so to speak. An example can be that us Dutchies come from a Low Context Culture. This means that when we want to express our feelings or opinions or just information, we use words. What we say is what we mean, nothing else. Nevertheless, this also depends on personal traits. But, this is in general, keep that in mind. People from a High Context Culture tend to be less 'speaky'. They'll use non-verbal messages, such as eyemovements, bodylanguage, handgestures etc. to make clear to the other 'part' of the conversation what they think or feel. To me, this is amazingly interesting.

Internal Communication
What makes people committed to their jobs? What is needed to ensure that all employees are moving in the same direction? Organizations spend a lot of money on marketing -getting their products or services out there-, on financial interest -attracting share holders to invest in their company- and on governments -making sure that the laws that are created will not be in disadvantage of the company-. But what a lot of organizations, or at least the leaders of those organizations, forget is that how people communication with eachother internally and how employees feel about their jobs and about you as a manager, is vital! It is extremely important that your employees trust you, especially in times of change. In this course I've been studying how important the communication inside an organisation is. HR-communication, business communication, you name it. This is the course that interested me the most so far.

The toughest cookie in the jar. When a product is introduced, people need to be attracted to it. What do companies do in order to achieve that? They advertise. Advertising is ubiquitous. It is everywhere. So, marketers have to be very sharp. And how do they do that? They put their customers first. Marketers look at their customers and think "Welll, how are we going to make sure that people are satisfied with the value we produce?". Because, if customers are satisfied, a relationship is built. What marketing does? They acquire and maintain good relationships with their customers so that they stay; so that they will keep coming back to the brand to buy products or services. This was, as I said, a tough cookie. The book we had to read was amazingly big and therefore I didn't study as much for marketing as I did for the other courses. But, I got a better grade for marketing than for e.g. Intercultural Communication. Now, isn't that nice?

English Skills I and II
In other words; English grammar, vocab and speaking skills and writing. In the Language Proficiency course, we had to recall our grammar skills and learn a lot of new 'business' vocabulary. My grammar is never been that great, most of the time I just guess, because somehow I am able to 'hear' what is has to sound like. This doesn't work for every single part of the English grammar, of course. But, this was not that hard for me. The vocab wasn't either, because my brain likes languages better than any other course. Learning words and their definitions was not that hard and I even enjoyed it! It feels like my English is improving and this, of course, is important for my blogging skills. I never use, as I already mentioned earlier, Google translate anymore. And I am proud of that, secretly. The other part of English Skills was writing. By the way, I'll still be having these courses in the second term. For writing we had to write an argumentative essay about a topic we had to choose ourselves. The topic had to have something to do with communication, so I picked marketing. Why? Don't ask me. Just don't go there. The topic I wrote about was The Lifestyle Branding Marketing Strategy. Of course I wasn't an expert, and I had to do a lot of research on the topic. I made it difficult for myself. Eventually, I learned a lot from it and I liked it a lot. I'm not an expert now, but if you want to know anything about it; ask me! I like to talk about those things.

So, I think you all got a good insight in what I've been doing lately? In this term we'll be having the following courses..
.. Corporate Communication
.. Branding
.. Research Skills
.. Managing Internal Group Processes
.. Personal Leadership
.. English Skills I and II (part 2)

I have no idea what I'll be doing the rest of my life. What I do know, is what I don't want to be doing. I think my heart goes out to Corporate Communication, Internal Communication or Branding? I don't know, everything is closely related. I do have to remember that I don't have to pick a side already. Whatever it wil be; everything communication related is the right choice for me.

Be on the lookout for updates if you're interested!

Stashion | Sweater Weather

New category alert! Because I'm nowhere near a fashion guru, I changed this catergory that is all about clothing and accessories into 'Stashion'. Stells and Fashion combined; my own unique style. Although, I think my 'style' is kind of generic. Can you say that? I know what generic means -I came to the point of not needing Google Translate anymore, little applause for me? No? Hm-. Anyways, take a look at what I would want to see in my wardrobe.

The first item in this category are sweaters! I love sweaters, but I don't have any? I just don't. It's a total crime. I always buy thin blouses or shirts -everything but winter proof- but I never tend to find sweaters that I really would like to wear. Most of the ones I try on are so itchy that I can do nothing else than quickly throw them back in the rack. Of course I never genuinly do that, but, figuratively.

These sweathers on the other hand, I absolutely love. If you want me to create an outfit with one of these, tell me. I used to do that, remember? I loved it. I can start doing it again, if that'd be appreciated. Or if I just want to. You know, I'm not a tree.

What is your favorite fall/winter item? Do you have any tips for me?


Update | Exams, introducing my new friends and a confession

Sweetest monkeys!

In case you read the post I posted earlier today -and deleted now-, I apologize for telling you that I'd stop blogging for a while. Let's just say that I didn't have a great day and my lovely period -sorry guys- made me say stupid, impulsive things. So, dear people out there on the internet; I am not thinking about stopping anymore. One of the bestest friends I have, and god does she know me, cheered me up and motivated me by promising me something that will be a big surprise for all of you the upcoming months!

So, let's just stick to the subject right now. Updating. The last few weeks I have been studying a ton. I put all of my energy and effort in it, and the results fortunately prove that. I have been studying communication, internal communication, intercultural communication, marketing and languagy proficiency -which means English-. I have good grades for all of them, except for intercultural communication because I didn't get my grade back yet. I also did a few big and important assignments, such as writing an essay about lifestyle branding -I am so extremely interested in that!-. Our teacher did not revise our work yet, so I'm still waiting for this grade as well. Exciting!

Because of the busy period, and for some other reasons, I did not blog at all. What I did do, was read a lot of other blogs. People inspire me so badly, but I'm scared to post things that are similar, because I don't want to copy anyone. But, these lovely bloggers inspire me a lot and I love reading about all sorts of things. The thing is; I am so jealous, because those girls always come up with the most inspiring and amazing topics. I would love to have such insights, but of course my brain doesn't want to be my friend on this one. Me and my brain, happily ever after.

Updating. Stell. Stick to the point. So yeah, my student life is going quite well. I have made the most amazing friends. I never showed you all a picture before, because I didn't know if they would approve that. But they told me they'd like it. So, here they are! Let me introduce the lovely Fabia, Astrid and Zuzka!

This was our first day of actually feeling like a little group, and I remember that I was so proud of this picture. I knew for sure that we would be great friends, and now, after 1,5 months, I can say that we really are. These girls make my every day. When I feel like not going to school, and I see their faces and we have a fun conversation in our breaks (e.g.) I am happy again. Thanks girls!

Nevertheless, I miss my 'old' friends like crazy. I will see them on the 15th, at least, most of them. Some friends are not in that 'group'. One of them is one of my bestest friends, who I haven't seen in more than 2 months. Anouk, if you're reading this; I really miss you! 

I'm chilling out on the couch right now, with my dad sitting next to me. I love having some time 'off'. Of course there's always stuff that needs to be done. But, I can indulge on some couch-time, right? And some blog-time, not to forget.

Updating. Yes. Hi there, back again. Focus. I don't know what to tell you, eh, I think I can tell you that I drink a lot of green tea and that Fabia is getting me into healthy eating and working out and getting muscle's so prepare, I'll be looking like a body buildster soon! HA. Fun.

So, this is it for now! I'll be posting other things when I feel like it. I'm not planning on getting my blog out there anymore. I'm doing this because I love to write and I'm not wanting to be the best. It doesn't have to be perfect. That's what this blog is all about; your unique, and sometimes imperfect, characteristics that make you you. And perfectionism is one of my characteristics, so I'll probably struggle with it all my life. But, as long as I try to not to succumb to it, I can call it kinda perfect!


Throwback | "Things we procrastinate and how not to" (August 14th, 2012)

Good morning all of you out there in this beautiful world.
-Yes, a very very enthusiastic opening of this post-

Because I woke up fairly early today, and I'm procrastinating like crazy -working out isn't my favorite thing to do when my body doesn't want to wake up-. So, I thought why not make a blog post.
At first I had no idea what to blog about, but then I realised that all of us actually are great talents in procrastinating things. Like I am doing today ; not wanting to go on the eliptical and stuff.
Yesterday I went school-supply-shopping. Something many many of us also procrastinate.
But why do we procrastinate?

That's very easy, right? Things we don't want to or like to think about because they are things we just don't like to do. Why? Because there are many more things to do which are more fun. Or it might be something we think is difficult or just to hard to handle.


Recommendation | No traffic on Stella-highway

If you are a stargazer like me -and no, I'm not talking about looking at the stars for real- than you know what it is like to have all these thoughts driving waaaay to fast on this big old highway in your mind. They -your thoughts- never seem to take the right exit and go home. Okay, I'll explain again, because this seems like I'm creating a Disney movie. When I, especially in my bed or during a bike trip somewhere, am alone, I start to think about everything. Yes, everything. I create checklists in my mind, together with mind maps and to-do lists and little drawings of feelings and planners and scheduals and blogpost ideas and shopping lists and almost everything a human being can think of. Keep in mind though, I don't actually think I'm the normal kind of a human being, but that's another story.

Tag | Favorite things about fall

Rainy days, colourful umbrella's, changing wardrobes, taking the bus in stead of my bike, missing the sun already; yes, monkeys, fall season has arrived and oh sweet mother of pumpkin pie -which I don't even like- how much we all adore this rainy season. I actually, honestly, don't like fall that much. Fall gives me the feeling that everything is dying. Well, not like for real, passing away, but, you know. There are no little sheep anymore, no flowers, no sun. The only thing I see when I look around is rain, grey skies. The only thing I experience in the morning is not wanting to come out of bed because it's still dark, and not knowing what to wear because it's either too hot or too cold. So, I came across this tag that wants you to answer positive questions about autumn. I think this will work for me; I need to appreciate it more. Right? So, there I go! I hope I'll put a smile on your face!

Update | Trip to London and Uni-stress

Sweetest monkeys in my jungle!

Je suis alleé en l'Angleterre et c'était très formidable. Yes, wrong language. So, in case French is like Chinese -or maybe even worse- to you, I've been to London this weekend. And it was great. I will do a little update for you all. In addition, there will be an update on my student life as well. If you're interested, keep on reading! If not, go do something that makes you happy, because you completely deserve that smile on your face!

Beauty | My favorite fall nailpolishes

Hi sexy monkeys!

I'm still alive. Oh yes! But this is definitely not due to study stress or a fire in my school building -this actually happened today, but no one got hurt and everything is alright!-. Because I am such a nailpolish addict -I counted them, I got 67. Serious problem over here- I wanted to share my favorite polishes for fall with you fellow addicts. They are all from the brand Catrice, which is -if you don't know already- a drugstore brand. Their polishes are not expensive at all, but the colourrange is amazing and they keep releasing new collections and limited edition colours. The packaging is very beautiful too; there's not too much going on, which I actually like. The only problems I find while using these polishes are that the brush sometimes sticks into the polish in stead of still being attached to the lid. I am sure all of you Catrice monsters know what I am talking about. Another problem is that the polish won't stick to your nails that long without using an anti-chipping topcoat. I have one I really love and I recommend this sweetie pie to all of you. (You can check out the post I've written about it a while ago ; click!).

Moving on to my 5 favorite colours for fall.

These are the colours I thought would fit this season best. I don't like to wear a lot of extremely dark colours, considering I always get depressed easily by coldness and windyness and everything-dark-ness. So, I picked the somewhat lighter and more 'colourfull' ones out of my huge collection. The names -from left to right- are : Pool Party at Night, I Sea You, London's Weather Forecast, Absolutely Chinchilly! and Welcome to Roosewood. Right now, I am wearing the fourth one, because this afternoon I felt like putting a neutral colour on my nails. Most of the time I go for colourful, though. What do you prefer? 

I hope you all liked this post. The Catrice nailpolishes cost € 2,99 -or more if you happen to buy a limited edition one-. I found the English version of the website, so that all of you monkeys-from-another-jungle can also check it out ; click!

Lots of love,

Throwback | "No, I'm fine, thanks" (January 21st, 2013)

Because I am getting my blog out there right now, I am planning on re-posting my favorite posts I wrote maybe last year or even in 2011. Those are posts I havee been putting a lot f energy in and I would love for ny new monkeys to read them too. These posts will be categorized as "Throwback". I hope you will enjoy! 

How are you? You're fine? Yeah right, and now for real! Your head hurts, you cried yourself to sleep yesterday and you feel like you're fat and you have no friends, right? What is it that always makes us lie about what we really feel? We want to be perfect, we want to be happy and we want to make others think that we are the most bubbly and the most fun person to be around. We can only tell the people we really care about how we feel, but there's an exception ; when you're afraid of losing someone, you don't want to express your feelings ; being afraid that they will get sick of you and your endless tears. So what to do next? What to do with unspoken and 'unknown' feelings? Let's make a list of things we can do to clear our mind without really telling those ones (YET!)

Favorites | Technological

Lovely monkeys!

I know that it has been a while since my last post, but I have spent the weekend at Jim's dad in Zeeland, where I couldn't simply find the time to write. Right now I found time, but not a lot of time. But still, it's time, and time is happiness. At least, for me. So, today I wanted to tell you guys some of my favorite technological things. I have a lot of favorites, but I'll keep it some sort of organized for you all. Because I'm such an organized person -ahum-.

Shoplog | Introduction to make-up

Hello lovely monkeys.

What happens when you meet a girly girl? She makes you want to be a girly girl too. Since 2 years now I have been watching beauty guru's on Youtube. I always get so excited when I get to see how they transform from beautiful bare face to beautiful make up face. The brushes, the names, the colours, the application. It amazes me. And I'm not like that at all. Well, okay, I have to admit, I have a lot of lipsticks and powders and I even have a high-end make-up palette bought at Sephora in Paris! But no, I never use them. Because I think it's not very me? But, how can I know if I never gave it a real try? So, I asked my new German friend and she gave me advice on what to buy. So, I took my bank card and bravely swiped it through the paying machine. Finally recovered from the shock, I'm now ready to show you what I bought.

Special | "Hello, Gutentag, Bonjour, Hallo"

Sweetest monkeys in my jungle.

We all go grocery shopping once in a while, right? At least, I assume, 'cause we can't live without our banana's! -read: chocolate and everything that contains this deliciousness-. So, you get your fashionable Albert Hein, Target, Carrerfour -whatever your local grocery store is called- shopping bag out and arrive at this local shop in or near your hometown.

Sometimes, it's just not your day. You feel like you haven't slept in 3 years, you don't have any make-up on your face.. (stop)

-Okay, some people look amazing without make-up, but most of us girly girls usually don't feel very pretty without. Which I personally think is stupid, because in my opinion, everyone is beautiful is his or her own unique way.-

(continue)..or you have this extremely embarrasing gossip going around about you because last Friday you were walking down the street, glamourously waving to your crush and his or her friends, not expecting the lamppost to be there already and smashing this thing with your whole body weight while also stepping into the biggest dog poo you've ever seen. And because you had no time to go home again to do something about it, your head looked like a smurf -bruises, you know- and your shoes smelt like everything that smells bad in this world at the same time.

Okay, this whole story was just me telling; unless you're in a situation like this, you always say 'good morning/good afternoon/good evening' to everyone. Right? The old lady with her little dog. The man who is always complaining about the weather. The girl behind the cash register. And especially, not to forget, the little kids begging you to give you the little toys that come with every 15 euro's / dollars you spend. -At least, in Dutchieland, this happens quite often.-

Saying hello or goodbye or just saying something, which used to be common habit, isn't so common anymore. What Jim and I realised the past few weeks, is that everybody is living in their own private bubble nowadays. For example, we have these little handy machines called smartphones. We can take our own, well-known friends probably everywhere we go, so we don't feel the need to socizalize in public places like the grocery store. While waiting on my bus this morning, there were 3 persons waiting with me. When I arrived at the busstop, there was only one men saying 'goodmorning' to me. Guess what? He was mentally disabled. It actually touched my heart that he was the only one wishing me a great day with the biggest smile I've ever seen. The other 2 just stood there with, yes just guess it, their smartphones. When the weather is bad, which is a very well-known subject of a conversation with compelte strangers, you just tweet, Facebook or Whatsapp about it. People, in my opinion, or some sort of de-socializing. Why? Saying hello and wishing eachother a delightful day will do good! At least, I always get this humongous smile on my face when the old, sweet lady says hello to me and let me pet her little dog.

Well, okay, let's keep it real, the lady telling me II have beautiful hair doesn't make the whole day the best day in my life. But still, I always, even if I had the lammpost-smurf-poo-incident, and I am telling you the truth here, have a smile on my face when people look at me. -That was probaably the longest sentence I've ever written-. When I see someone looking at me, I lift my head and smile. You have these girls, you know, that  always look at you with this "oh please, my eyeballs would rather book a last-minute flight to the northpole than looking at YOUR face" expression on their faces. Me? I'm just smiling. Do you know these men that always tend to look at you and then give you the feeling that they're thinking something such as: "I'm sexually frustrated, my life is one big mess, my boss is a jerk and I want to touch your butt". And even though this kind of men creep the Pringles out of me, I still smile.

I'm not saying that I'm perfect. I'm not saying that my whole life is one whole perfectly happy thing, 'cause it obviously isn't. But, if I can make someone feel good for just one second by simply putting a smile on my face, I will do that.

These were just my thoughts on just one topic. I hope you like to read these kind of things. I'm just trying out different posts. I hope you'd be so kind to give me some feedback. I will smile at you in return!

Love and good night,

Photo Diary #11 | Start of my new life!

Hello -again- sweetest of them all!

This morning I felt like doing nothing but drinking my favorite green tea out of my favorite Beatles mug and write a blogpost. The next post on my schedule was this one, the' long waited for' Photo Diary where I feature some pictures of the start of my new life. Well, new life, I'd rather call it student life but new life sounds way more interesting, doesn't it? So, off we go!

A while ago I went to The Hague with one of my friends to just wander around, shop a little and eat this amazing lunch. We bought these delicious things at 'Marqt' which is a supermarket but then with just natural products etc. It tasted amazing! 

This is a picture I took while being on our 'Dutch Day in Delft' during my introduction period for my study. We've wandered around, bought cherries from the market, made a boat trip and ate forzen yoghurt. It was a fun day.

These might look like the most horrible hamburgers -if you even saw that these are supposed to look like hamburgers- but they tasted amazing! Me and my 3 new girly friends from Germany and the Czech Republic -I don't know yet if they allow me to put their names out on here- made these before going to the H!CM party, which was in Club 7 ; we had a lot of fun! 

This is a performance by a band that I loved a lot. Their music was very happy and dance-able! It took place on the Oh Oh Intro Festival in The Hague, especially organized for (new) students! We had a great time! Jim joined us too, which was funny realizing that he isn't even a student yet!

This was my amazing pasta salad at La Place while catching up with a good friend! If you ever go to La Place, please please please try this it's delicious!

This was my first time going to Vapiano! We went there for lunch between two lectures. It tasted amazing, although my pasta was a bit to spicy, haha! 

And yes, the life of a student also means ; studying! And  so Jim and I sat down and did our homework together! Fortunately, I have the sweetest mom ever. She surprised us with tea -look tha's my Beatles mug!- fresh fruit and chocolate! 

So this is the creepiest picture of them all, I look a ghost. This was yesterday, Jim and I performed together and it was so much fun. This is our TV, actually, because my dad videotaped us and showed the results as soon as I got home. In 4 weeks we will be performing again! Jeei!

So, that's that! I hope you had fun looking at these pictures! I got to go now, I want to go on the eliptical -again, after 38340242 days of doing nothing- and I have to be ready at 13.00 because I'm going to The Hague to see my 3 lovely new friends. It's for a school assignment though, but still I'm looking forward to it!

Love and have an amazing Sunday,

Tag | The 100 questions tag!

Sweet little banana-eating monkeys!

There I am again. Still keeping my promise; still putting posts up quite frequently. -Yeah Stells, because you've only been doing this for 3 days or something-. So, this is my very first -well, I believe I did one a loooong time ago- tag post. What is a tag is your question? A tag is a long list of questions that a lot of people that have a blog or a Youtube account answer. You have tags about every single thing on this big ol' earth. Twilight, One Direction, Beauty, Bathroom use? I don't know, you name it. The tag that I will be doing today is the 100 questions tag. And no, I'm not bored! Enough to do for Uni, but I'm prograstinating. You don't want to prograstinate anymore? I did an anti-prograstinating post a while ago, you should go check it out! It's somewhere, go explore! Don't forget your flashlight though.

Let's start!

Special | My own little shelter

"Mommy, can you come and tuck me in?!". This is little me, yelling through the whole house, every hour of the evening, probably waking up or scaring every single creature in my neighbourhood. When I was a child -which I still am, in my own opinion, sssh don't tell anyone- I had this problem with sleeping. I could never, ever fall asleep. I basically hated it to go to bed. I would turn and turn and think and think and worry and worry. Because my body was used to the 'not sleeping as much as I needed to', I had a lot of energy in the evenings. I would grab my toys and hide myself under the blankets. I would get my little flashlight and secretly play with my Bratz -did you have those? I had 20 of them, the big ones!- and imagine that they were on vacation in some big, beautiful but dangerous cave. The male doll I had -gosh he was hot- would save the girl and they would get a baby -yes, I know- and be the jungly family that I always wanted to have myself. Yes, I wanted to live in trees, eat raw meat, be extremely dirty and wipe my butt with a leaf. But I'm getting off topic here. My bed was my enemy. I hated it. I hated my bed and I didn't want to go to bed.

While being a teenager -around the age of 13- I began hating my bed even more. I would simply lie on that thing, hoping to fall asleep, worrying like crazy and panicing because I had 5 houurs of sleep left. "Yes, another zombie day tomorrow". My bed was the place where there was no one to distract me. The place where my thoughts went all crazy. Most of the times I was feeling sad and I worried a lot. Oh, sweet teenage struggles. I would think that I'd never get a boyfriend, I would convince myself to never eat fries or chocolate again. I would even, and yes "forever alone" danger here, put my pillows against the wall to have the feeling that there was someone lying behind me too cuddle with me. Someone special. I don't even remember who I imagined it to be, because you know, teenagers love every single "opposite -or same- sex creature" they meet. Well, at least I loved everyone that paid attention to me and was nice to me. Retarted? Probably.

As you can see, my bed and I have never been friends. I would jump on it, I would somersault on it, I would stuff my bed with every single toy I could find. I would read in it and eat on it, getting it all dirty with crumbs and stains. I would probably do everything in/on stead of sleeping in it. On it? Well, you get the message.

But, then, a few days ago, in my adult life -ahum-, I realised that my enemy has turned into my friend. Not only do I have someone to cuddle with -although this is not every single night-, but I can sleep. I can manage to fall asleep within 30 minutes. This, lovely monkeys, is a huge deal to me! Of course I have my worry-moments. Of course I have my Bratz-jungle-moments. No kidding, I don't have those anymore. But, you know, over all, I love my bed. It's soft, it's warm, and I now consider my bed as my own little shelter. My little private hideaway. 

Bed, marry me.


Update | Changes

Lovely monkeys!

This is a very formal anouncement. This is crucial. This is huge. This is a revolutionairy change.
No. Guys, girls, this a new beginning.
A few years ago, I think 2, I changed my blog from Dutch to English. Right now, I'm not changing the language. I'm changing the name.
From now on, this blog is called Stellish.

Why am I calling it Stellish?
The blog will be called Stellish because I want to start writing about things and products and clothing and pieces of mind that makes me, me. I want to make you start to think about what makes you you. I want to make us think about what makes us, us.

Why do I change it?
I want to do something new. My new life has started. At least, that's what it feels like. I started my life as a student. I started studying communication management (international, not to forget) and I want to bring my new skills into practice. No, that's not the main goal. I change it because I want to do more with my extraordianry love for writing, taking notes, putting my thoughts on paper -or on a screen-.

What is it that's going to change?
(The most important thing is the URL! It changed from myteacupoflife to stellaboogaard, which is my full name)
I'm not only changing the name. I'm changing the whole concept. The message I want to send out on this blog is the importance of being you. I want to write advices, I want to put my thoughts on here, I want to share those thoughts with you. I also want to blog more often. I want to get a real schedule. I'm planning on buying a Moleskine Notebook to put my thoughts on paper and then transfer those thought to a computerscreen. I also, like I said, want to make a schedule and upload real blogposts for you, with real content. Of course I won't stop putting my Photo Diary's and I will still be blabla-ing about everything and nothing. I would also love to change my lay-out, but I don't know how to do this (yet!). You can expect this change the upcoming months!

What isn't going to change?
Firstly, you have always been my and will always be my monkeys. I just call you guys this way because it makes it funny and personal. I don't like the word 'readers' of 'followers', because I don't want you to just read my blog, I hope to positively influence your day -brighten it!- and I don't want to call you followers because, seriously, I'm not someone to follow. And of course my way of writing. This will be the same. I hope that my English will improve, due to my new study which is completely based on English and everything international.

What kinds of new collums can you expect?
Tum tum tum, let's those drums rollllll. This is a very exciting part of this post! Yeah!
You can expect the following things..
.. Photo Diaries
.. Updates
.. Quotalk -talking about a certain quote, giving my view and opinion-
.. Specials -spinsels of my mind-
.. Shoplog
.. Reviews -this is not what I'm focussing on-
I am still not sure if this is all of it, and  I don't know if this really is what I want tobe my blog be like, but of course I can never know if I don't try! You'll see a lot of new things, that the only certain thing!

Thank you so much for still reading my blog.
I hope we can get this baby up to a higher 'blogging level'.
I'd love to get some feedback! You can even send me a message on Facebook! Please
to that, I'd love to interact with you all. At least, you are the one reading my blog and I'd love to
adjust my blog to you.

Big kisses,

Update | Back in town / to school

Hello there you lovely monkeys in front of some sort of a screen!

I'm back in town. But, I'm sure you've read this already, being the title of this post.
And, I'm going back to school -newsflash-.
Tomorrow, I will be sitting in a train, being extremely nervous and hoping that my new ICM classmates, who I will be talking English to -scary!-, will like me. I really hope so!
I am very excited to meet them! So, this upcoming week is like cheese with a lot of holes, called gatenkaas in Dutch. Tomorrow I'll have an introduction-day at school. Thursday I'm going to visit Delft with my classmates. On Friday I'll be going school-supply-shopping with the one and only Jim in Utrecht. During the weekend I'm supposed to see my 8 lovely girl-'gang'-friends again, but I don't know if this date is still on the planning. And the other days I will just relax, I guess.

Next week I'll have some parties -because I'm a real student now- and then on the 6th of September school actually starts. I'm excited for the study I'm doing now. I really, truly like to start with this after having free time for 3 months now! Yeah, I'm a nerd like that. Besides, I just love the subjects and classes I'll be having. So different from economics -BLUHG- and math, you know.

So, back to my right-now-life ; it felt so great, so so so great, to spend the last 3/4 days with Jim. I'd been missing him so much. I really think I could spend my whole life with this kid, I really do.
Anyways, let's not dive to deep into the future Stella.

Being girly, I just painted my nails. I hope they still look presentable after rambling on my laptop for 5 minutes already. 5 minutes isn't that long, actually. Imagine me sitting here for an hour. You're so lucky I don't have time for that, haha.

I think I'll be going now! My bed is waiting! Although I'm afraid I can't fall asleep.. Nervousness.

Bye now, big kiss!

USA part 11 | Newport, Santa Monica and Hollywood

Hello dear lovelies that still find the courage to read my blog!

Here I am again! I want to update you guys on some amazing things I've seeing the past 2 days! These places I've been were awesome! Especially Hollywood and Santa Monica! We did a hop-on-hop-of-tour with a bus around Hollywood and all of it's famous parts and buildings! We also went to Santa Monica, which has a lovely pier into the see where we ate a delicious sandwhich with some fries -best I've had over here in the US so far-. Well let's hop right in to the pictures! 

This is about it! I've made more picutes, but these are the most fun ones for you to see!


USA part 10 | Laguna Beach

Hello lovelies!

It has been a while since I have written to you guys! Right now, I just woke up in my soft hotel bed instead of the RV bed! This is much better, but I miss our RV though! It was fun and cosy! We returned the RV yesterday, went to Anaheim -where the hotel is, it's like, next to Disneyland!- and we drove to my mothers old friend Peter who lives here! She met him when she was 15 and he was 18 and it was so fun to see him and his family! His wife Annemarie and his three kids Gareth, Erica and Amy! They were all older thab J am but we had fun! The 'kids' and I drove to Laguna Beach and sat down watching the sun go down and eating some little snacks and drinks -I am underaged over here, but that actually was fine by me-.
Later we drove back and had a delicious bbq! I did not make any pictures of the bbq and of the family but my mom did so maybe I can post that later on! 
Let me show you Laguna Beach! 

Today is a relax-day! I think I'm going to the hotel gym though.. I can use a workout since yesterday's bbq was not very healthy hahaha! I will keep updating you guys! In four nights I will be home again! I can't wait seeing Jim again! But my time here is amazing so.. I will keep enjoying it to the fullest! I hope you are too!


USA part 9 | Vegas baby!

Hastalavista y'all! 
-trying to be funny over here..- 

So, yesterday we arrived in Las Vegas! It is my first time here I can remember -I've been here before but I was 10 months old back them so ehhhh, don't remember anything at all- and it's crazy! It really is! The Strip is filled with

- Crazy and extraordinary big hotels
- Casino's. duh. 
- Fast food
- People handing erotic folders and flyers to all men passing by (even my dad, who said 'I already have two girls here'hahaha) 
- Cars
- (unfortunately) a lot of homeless people 

I made some pictures yesterday! I wanted to capture all the lights but it's very hard getting it in picture so I'm so sorry for the bad quality! 

This is the Venetian

Much love,

USA part 8 | Zion!

Hello there!

First, a big kiss from me to you! 
Then, an adventure update post! 'Cause I just like making al of my posts a bit different! Maybe that's more fun to read! 

.. We've been cooking! Actually, BBQ'ing! And it is so delicious and simple! Just a salad, corn on the cob -cooked and steamed and SO delicious, but not the thing to eat on a first date let me tell ya!- 

.. And this was our delicious breakfast!

.. We saw these little babies coming very close! 

.. We have seen the beautiful landscape of the Zion Natural Park! -of course- 

.. I did a hike with my dad called the 'Watchman Trail' very early in the morning! It was an uphill trial and it took us 1,5 hour I believe to do the whole thing! But it was beautiful though; we saw the sun come up!

These were the Zion Natural Park adventures! I will talk to tou guys soon while in VEGASSSS! 

Love and hugs,

USA part 7 | Bryce Canyon & a great loss

Mornin' lovelies!

A few hours ago, I went out of bed early to go make a walk -all by myself- through  Bryce Canyon! My dad went out of bed even earlier, and my mom isn't like a real 'hiker' so I just took my camera, iPhone and iPod and went out! I didn't even had make-up on -which happens a lot these weeks-. The walk was very beautiful, but a bit hard 'cause at first you just go down, but at the end you also have to get up again! So, my legs had to work hard to get me back up the trail again! But I did it! And I made some beautiful pictures that I -of course- will share with all you out there! 

I hope you like seeing al of these pictures! I really think about you guys when I am making these 'cause I know that I am extremely fortunate to be here and I want all of you to kind of experience this too! I definitely not do this to brag or show off! But I think you know 'cause I believe that all of you are friends I actually know in real life, so (:

Right now we're driving to Zion! This is the last natural park we will be visiting! We will stay there for 2 nights and then we will continue our trip to Las Vegas! Over there we will be shopping again, watching a show, walking down the strip etc! I'm really looking forward to these days! 

Short note ; I just heard that an important family member of the Dutch Royal Family has died. He was the brother of our just throned king, Willem Alexander. I know that the Royals won't read this, but I still want to point out here that I think about them and their loss. I hope they can somehow give it rest in their harts someday. RIP Friso. 

Love and see you soon! 

USA part 6 | boat trip through Navayo & Antilope Canyon

Hello lovely monkeys!

Yesterday night, there were the most scaring thunderstorms above our campground.. The lightning hit the 'headquarters' of the campground and the whole computer and internet system went down! That's why I am not able to upload my posts! I am very sorry! Anyways, the thunderstorm was so scary and, like, deep if you know what I mean -the whole earth was shaking and we could feel that 'cause we're in an RV, which is very safe 'cause it's on rubber bands, or whatever the things that make this thing drive may be called, I believe it's not called bands but alrighty-. So, because I was so scared I crawled into my parents bed, between them. Never knew that 3 people would be able to fit in this mini-bed but we did! I didn't fall asleep over there but at least I felt a lot more safe! And yes, I am eighteen. And no, I don't feel like I am in such moments. 

The following day, which was August 10, we rented a boat and made a trip around Lake Powell. Af first it rained and there was some thunder and stuff -I was the scariest of all people- but later on the clouds floated away and it was VERY sunny! It was lovely! My mom and I sat in front and we had to cover ourselves completely with SPF 50, and we didn't burn! Yeah thank you for the applause! Around 13.00 I thought 'why not?' and I sat down at the steering wheel and 'drove' the boat! It was lots of fun! -don't mind my messy hair, it was very windy!-

In the evening we had dinner at a little restaurant and I ate sweet patatoe fries! I didn't actually like them! It's very weird to eat something sweet-ish 'cause you expect fries to be salty! 

So today we're driving to Brice Canyon! Yes, another canyon! But according to my dad it's completely different from what we saw at the Grand Canyon! 

Lots of love!

USA part 5 | Grand Canyon & Lake Powell

Lovely monkeys!

I know that is has been a while, but that's because I was at the Grand Canyon! And even though it's 'Grand', they didn't even have any 'phone connection'. So there I was, not being to have contact with Jim! So I knew that he would be very worried and that made me stressed out and sad and finally I ended up getting some very slow wifi connection somewhere in the bushes near a busstation! How I found it ; please don't ask! But I found it! The next day we walked around the rim and after that I went for a long walk to the wifi-busstop! I talked to some people for a while but I was unable to blog! 

The next day my dad and I went out of bed early to do the 'Bright Angle Trail'.. That means that we really, like, actually went down the Canyon! But this Canyon is like 2 km deep so.. We only did like 1/5 maybe! But ; we have madr beautiful pictures I'd like to share! 

Yesterday we arrived in Page, near Lake Powell! Today we just went for a little walk, which was so hotttt! Then we went swimming for a while in the pool that belongs to the campground. It was fun, but I missed Jim a lot. 

Tomorrow my dad rented a speed boat! We're going to make a boattrip in the Antilope Canyons! Which I expect to be very pretty! So, I will talk to you soon guys! 

Much love,

USA part 4 | route 66, broken airco and armcandy

An update for you all, lovely monkeys!
These are the adventures I've been going through the last 2 days! 

.. We drove down Route 66! 

.. We did our groceries in Needles, ar some place calles Bashas'! Seriously, I have never ever seen this much donuts, cookies and other bad stuff.. never! 

.. We drove to Laughlin, the hottest place in the USA right now! We're at a KOA campground, next to one of the, like, 100000 casino's over here! Seriously, this is worse than Las Vegas -where I will be going to at the end of our trip- 

.. We met my aunt and uncle over here yesterday! So much fun, my aunt is the most cheerful person I know! Today me, my mom and my aunt are going to shop (not that I have any money left)! Looking forward to it! 

.. The airconditioner broke! This was the wordt adventure of them all, 'cause living in this heat without an airconditioner just can't be done! But, my dad called the RV rental service desk thing and we got the thing rolling again.. THANK GOD! -I seriously thank God..- 

.. I walked through a casino yesterday when we went for a swim.. That noise! The people! The alcohol! The smoking! Just like a movie! 

.. I practised a lot on my ukulele and am now I able to play songs and sing at the same time! I love it! 

.. At this campground, even the showers have aircondtioners in them! Imagine how hot it is over here! 

.. We have skipped dinner three times already! We just ate raw vegetables with some ranch dip! 

.. I got some armcandy going today 

So, I have to stop blogging now -I'm not even out of my adventures yet!- because my aunt is coming to pick us up soon! 

Have a great day and big kisses,