Bloguary #21 - "No, I'm fine, thanks"

How are you? You're fine? Yeah right, and now for real! Your head hurts, you cried yourself to sleep yesterday and you feel like you're fat and you have no friends, right? What is it that always makes us lie about what we really feel? We want to be lovely, we want to be happy and we want to make others think that we are the most bubbly and the most fun person to be around. We can only tell the people we really care about how we feel, but there's an exception ; when you're afraid of losing someone, you don't want to express your feelings ; being afraid that they will get sick of you and your endless tears. So what to do next? What to do with unspoken and unknown feelings? Let's make a list of things we can do to clear our mind without really telling those ones (YET!)

1.Write it down Take a piece of paper and write a very personal letter to the one you want to tell everything to. You can even do this in your diary if you want. Don't get them the actual letter, we will get to the 'telling' part later.

2.Come up with a powersentence You can come up with a powersentence. Maybe it's an angry one, like "You aren't worth my tears you 'beep beep beep'". It can also be a encouraging one, like "I'm worth more than this pain and I can do this, I can deal with this!". Take a pillow, burry your head in it and scream it out. If you're a dare devil you can also just scream it out loud, but when you have an angry sentence, that's not what I recommend..

3.Get that music going To me, crying is one of the best resolutions to sadness. Sometimes, I just feel so sad that all I can do is cry. I don't see any positive things and I just cuddle up next to my mum and cry it out. It helps, to me at least. But, afterwards, you'll feel like your empty. Anyways, when you want to cry but you just can't, you can listen to a song that means a lot to you, or just any sad -maybe love- song. Another musical resolution is to blast your favorite happy song through your speakers. It might give you some energy, but in the end, it won't really solve the problem.

4.Tell your pet or your stuffed animal This is what I do sometimes, not very often though. He or she won't judge, will always choose your side and will listen to you for -literally- ever if you wanted them to.

After these steps, there's a big of a chance that your anger or sadness has gone down a bit. This is the moment where you start to think a bit more clearly. Now take the letter your wrote and screen it. Make a reasonable and clear story, but don't filter your real feelings. Put them down and make sure that the one who'll hear it from you -you thought it was that easy? Just giving the letter? No no you're going to read it out loud- will understand what you're talking about. Ask them if they will give you the time to listen and not directly interrupt you when they hear something they don't agree with. You can talk afterwards and hopefully he or she will understand. If this is not the case, and they get mad or something like that, you have to realise that you have done everything you could. If they aren't able to deal with and help with you with your problems, you should try to let that go.

Take time for yourselve to make things right. Maybe when you feel fine again, your friendship will be like as it always was before. You have friends to laugh with and friends to cry with and they're all worth the same. They all are very important. I hope I might have helped some people out today. If there's something bothering you, talk and maybe cry about it. And remember ; YOLO. A bad day doesn't mean you have a bad life. After rain the sun will shine again. Enough with the cheesyness, bye guys!
Love, Stella.

Bloguary #20 - My proces of learning

Good afternoon ladies and gentleman.

Today, we're going to talk about.. No I'm joking, actually I am the only one who's doing the talking here. Or, writing, if you will. Anyways, hello. Did you all have a good night of sleep? I had the funniest dream. I had my graduation prom thing and I was the only one wearing a coloured dress -it was red, and I don't even know if I like red that much- and we had fun and we were dacing and everyone was so lovely to me and then 3 friends of mine lifted me up and I felt like the queen of the world. Afterwards we went on a vacation to something like Hawaii in a plane. My dreams never let me get there, 'cause I woke up when the plane just took of. But, it was fun! I hope I will continued any night soon.

So, back to the point. There don't even was a point yet, but I will make one now. I am procrastinating like crazy right now. My proces of learning comes down to ; make a planning, do 50% of it straight and then take pauses which are too long. In those pauses I either blog, search the internet, check my iPhone or Facebook. Right now I found out about Spotify and I'm searching for fun music. And a friend of mine called Michelle gave me the DVD of the Vampire Diaries season one. I don't watch anything else anymore while working out on my beloved eliptical.

You know what guys? It snows outside right now! So cosy. And my little lovely friend Puck lies on my bed, all cuddled up with my -yes I still have one- stuffed animal called 'Raffie' (like a giraffe, cause he's one). It's cute. I'll insert a picture. Yesteday I felt like my eyes were falling out of my head -yes girls we all know how crying feels- and it hurted! It really did! And I called my friend and she was so nice to me, she directly came over to my house to comfort me and distract me and we sat in the bathtub with our feet because they were cold. We drank tea -I tried some green mint tea but seriously, that stuff is BAD- and went through my Cosmopolitan. I love Cosmopolitan, I get that magazine every month now because that was a birthday present! It's so helpfull and fun! I love it! I grew too old for the Cosmogirl so I am glad I changed.

Anyways, we had a blast and I love her so much, she really gave me girlpower and cheered me up. Afterwards, I had to go to my boyfriend who lives in a town near where I live. This is where my friend lives too so we went together. But, seriously, it was SO cold out. It was like, -15 (in Celcius). So, we made ourselves look ridiculous and made a stupid pictures. Duckfaces alert! -just for fun-.

Allright I have been prograstinating for over 30 minutes now I really have to go and finish my planning. I hope you guys have the most amazing sunday! Wish me luck by the way, this week I will have my German, English and French listening exams. Love and many hugs and kisses, Stella.

Bloguary #19 - Favorite places to be

Hello lovely readers. I kinda have a problem with Blogger, and it's the following. My blogposts show up as one full story. No 'chapter-kind-of-thingies-'. In this 'write a post' section I can 'enter' as much as I want but those enters don't show up when I take a look at my blog as being someone who reads it. It sucks, they changed it. I don't know what to do about it or how to change it. I guess it will just be this way from now on. I wanted to do a blogpost on my favorite places to be and why I love to be there. It might be fun to read. I hope so. I'd at least love to read someone elses favorite places to be. 1. My boyfriends bed. I love to be in my boyfriends bed because it's big, warm and I feel like I am far away from the things I have to do. Mostly homework. When I am laying in my boyfriends bed, it also means that I'm with him. Makes my happy, I think you can all understand that part. 2. The bathtub. I think I spent the majority of my awake-time at home in the bathtub. Yes, those waterfactories -or something- owe me lots and lots of thankyou's. When I'm in the bathtub, I am reading or learning. When I have tests coming up, I love to take a bath and take time to really focus on my history summary for example. There's nothing else I can do than reading. I can't check my phone -I obviously don't bring my iPhone with me in the bathroom- or my laptop or something. It's great, you should give it a try if you can! 3. Aruba. Because I have been to this beautiful Island more than 10 times in my life right now, it kinda became my second home. I know where the stores are, I know what the air smelles like and I know that when I'm there I won't feel that much pressure to be perfect. It's amazing over there, it feels like freedom. 4. On the toilet. Yes this is a weird one. Not for me, being a weird person. When I was in elementary school -I think I was around 10/11 years old- I started panicing a lot. I actually did panic and feint very often because I couldn't handle seeing and most of all tasting blood when I was a child. When I grew older, the blood-part slowly went away. For now, I can make myself panic. And no, that's not fun and I always try to not do it. I get dizzy, my heart skips beats and I can't breathe very well. This started when I was around 10 like I said. When I felt like I was going to panic, I asked our teacher if I could go to the toilet. Sitting on the toilet, I knew and I told myself that ift was all going to be fine. This became some sort of a strategy for me. When I get dizzy or when I am panicing, I go to the toilet, concentrate and try to make myself feel better. 5. At the hairdresser. Our hairdresser is like, 40 minutes away from our hometown. Crazy right? This is because my mom's 'youth friend' owns her own hairsalon thingy. She knows how my mom and I like our hair and we actually never go somewhere else! So, when my mom and I go, it's some sort of a trip? We sing along to songs in the car, get our hair done and when it's spring or summer time we often go out for lunch afterwards. It always is lots of fun and the hairdressers are só nice to me. I just feel at ease when I am over there. I think that really was my top 5 of places I like to be. I think you are wondering why my bed isn't on that list. It's because I had trouble sleeping when I was a kid and I still have sometimes. When I am in my bed, bad and sad thoughts pop up in my head, I'm just not good at relaxing when I don't have any thing to distract me from thinking too much. I hope you had fun reading this. I would love to know your top 5 favorite places to be! Love, Stella.

Bloguary #14-18 - Random chatting

Well, hello pretty monkeys out there! It's been a while, again. I finished the school performances and Wednesday night we had an afterparty and as you probably am expecting already ; The last few days have been exhausting and that's just how I felt. I just didn't have the time or energy to write a blogpost. So, here is one! I'm sitting at school in the so-called 'room of silence' where we can take our periods of to study. Not that I am studying right now, but well, I will study the whole weekend. I'll have tests in a few weeks, very important ones. That's why I'm stressed out already. I always get so nervous because you all know I'm a perfectionist and I want to take out the best of myself. Anyways, back to life. There's this girl at school who made pictures of me while I was singing. I sang a song with my music teacher, mister Vuijk. He's the greatest and so sweet. The musicians were MY BAND! And yes, they're all wearing the most sexy combination on earth -to me, I chose it- a red pants with a black shirt. So amazing. We're called The Red Band now, and it's kinda fun 'cause there's a 'candy brand' which is called Red Band. I thought that was fun. I don't know if you all think that's fun. I hope you are smiling though, you know that that's my goal. Anyways, I'll insert the pictures, I hope you like them! This afternoon I am going to one my best friends' birthday. She turned 18 today! I bought her a present but I forgot to bring it. I'm such a loser, I hope she doesn't mind -I don't expect that-. My friends have been so sweet to me lately, I appreciate it so much. If you guys are reading this ; I'd never want to go through sad things without you all around me. I think we should all, right now, make an e-mail or a facebook message with a little note to our bestest of friends to let them know that they mean the world to us. Why don't we do that, just, right now? After reading this? It will give them a boost, and eventually it will make you happy too. About being happy, my plans on my Weple Diary App are working out for me. Every single day I get a to-do-list. For example ; give someone a compliment or give someone an unexpected call or drink 3 Starbucks cups of water etc. It helps a lot and I think I am slowly ' progressing' my social life and kind of body wise and stuff. If you have something apple, it's a great recommendation! Weple Diary App! I have to go now! I hope you aren't mad at me for not posting for a while. I'll be back from now on, with more ' usefull' posts! Big hug, Stella

Bloguary #10-13 - Sometimes

Lovely readers out there.

Ofcourse this blogpost will begin with a huge sorry for all of you out there who frequently read me blog. I have my reasons for this lack of posting, and most of them are kinda private. But I still want to give a shoutout right now.


Bloguary #9 - Beat those germs by just being happy

Hello beauties!
During winterseason, many many many people get sick. It might be just a cold or a serious fever that can take more than a week to disappear. Because I have to perform at school the upcoming week or so (Friday till Wednesday) getting sick is an absolute no-go for me right now! But, hnext to washing your hands and not share your water bottle, how can you make sure your body can beat those germs? I did some research and this is what came out ; your body has a higher level of protection when you are happy. When you're healthy and happy, there's the tiniest chance of you getting sick.

What can we eat to be happy and feel great?

Bloguary #8 - Picturelove

This is one of these days that I don't really feel good enough to blog. I'm very tired, in a hurry right now at this very moment because I have to leave in like half an hour and I'm in my PJ's and I just don't know what to talk about! One of the upcoming days I will make sure to make a 'My day in pictures' post, so that you can see clearly what I'm up to and stuff. But for now, you'll have to do it with these simple We Heart It pictures that have some sort of meaning to me or are just very very very pretty. I still hope you will all have a great end of the day!





Bloguary #7 - Inspi!

I know for sure that you, over there, sitting on your chair or bed, can relate to the things that I am going to write about in this post. Because, lovely little monkeys of mine -I feel like Lady GaGa when I call you guys that- this post will be about every single thing on this beautiful earth that inspires me to be what I am like at this very moment. Right now. Yes. And now. Still. I probably will change over the years though, but I don't think that anyone will read this when it's 2485.
Do you want to know what kinds of things -and who- actually inspire me? 

Bloguary #6 - Water, water, water

Drinking water is so important, bla bla bla. One year ago, I still was that kind of girl who didn't like to drink water. I always took juices to school that contained lots of sugar. At home I drank milk or something like apple or orange juice. One year ago, around September 2011, I began drinking more water. By then, it was just because I wanted to lose weight and I thought that this would help me more. It eventually did, of course. But, why is it that drinking water is so amazingly important for us? Because I want you all to be healthy and happy, I thought that I could write a post about this. I hope you'll take time to read it. I've also inserted some tips on how you can get yourself to drink more water a day.

Bloguary #5 - A tough day

Lovely readers!

Today, I'll be at Leiden University to get some intense lessons on economy, because I can use that to pass my exams! I suck at economy and no matter how hard I try, it always tends to fail. I hope today will be nice. I'm a bit scared though, just going out there with no one around me that I know and stuff. But I'll keep you guys posted on that -that's why this is called 4,5 in stead of 5-.

I wanted to put something out here by the way! First, I want to thank you all, again, for reading my blog. I'd love you even more if you wanted to follow my blog with Bloglovin'. It's not that important to me, but I thought ; why not just ask!

Evening ; hello, there I am again! I am fell apart in a thousand pieces. Seriously, I am exhausted! It was hard but I gained much information and I have learned a lot. I was kind of lonely, but I survived! I made one picture but that one turned out to be a huge failure so you'll see some more interesting pictures when the month progresses!

I hope you all have a very nice day and evening!

Bloguary #4 - My favorite stores

H to the ello lovely creatures who take time to read my daily stories!
-Now that's a cheesy opening-
So, this afternoon my mom and I went to the movies! It was like a girls 'afternoon' out! 
We bought ourselves some popcorn -yes I did snack on some popcorn and yes I feel guilty and no I know there's no need for that- and water and sat down. My dad 'booked' our tickets so we had great seats etc. 
The movie we went to was called 'Pitch Perfect'. The movie was amazing. If you like Glee, than you should de-fi-ni-te-ly go! I don't want to spoil anything so just GO if you want to!

Foto: at the movies with my momFoto: fooood overloaaaad

Anyways, let's get to the point of this post ; my favorite stores!

Bloguary #3 - Lunch date

Great afternoon all of you out there!
Here I am again! I enjoy Bloguary a lot, do you guys too? Today, I wanted to do a post with something more informational. But, I also would love to update you guys some more about my day because it's amazing. So, I'm not being as clear as I want to be. Let's get things straight over
here ; this post will be about the following..
... my morning routine
... my lunch date
... my night

Hemi jemi /

Bloguary #2 - Style Plan

Lovely readers out there!

I checked my statistics a few minutes ago and apparently you've all liked my Beauty Dag post! That makes me so happy, 'cause I spent quite a lot of time working on that post. Anyways, good morning -for us Dutchies- to all of your pretty morning faces. I myself don't look as pretty in the morning, but alright, I can live with that. I'm sitting here in the ugliest sweater I have -oversides, mais oui- and my hair up in a top bun. I believe I have the darkest under-eye-circles I've had for a while and my Starbucks cup full of water is my best friend. And they we all say "good" morning, and yes it is! I just ate my super whole weat healthy cornflakes with plain, 0% fat yoghurt and a hand full of dry cranberries -they look like raisins to me but just a bit more read and 'soury'-.

Bloguary #1 - 2013 Solutions

First of all ; Happy New Year! 
I hope you all had a lovely evening and that you'll have much love, many great things and lots of luck the upcoming year! 

Today, it's the first on January. That means that this is the very first day of Bloguary! I am so excited already! I know that I won't have that much time as I had one year ago. Yes, this is me making stupid excuses but I just don't want to dissapoint some of you. Some of you. Some of you. There are maybe like 3 people on this whole wide world interested in my blog. If you are reading this, thank you, I hope you really enjoy it. I do.