Bloguary #1 - 2013 Solutions

First of all ; Happy New Year! 
I hope you all had a lovely evening and that you'll have much love, many great things and lots of luck the upcoming year! 

Today, it's the first on January. That means that this is the very first day of Bloguary! I am so excited already! I know that I won't have that much time as I had one year ago. Yes, this is me making stupid excuses but I just don't want to dissapoint some of you. Some of you. Some of you. There are maybe like 3 people on this whole wide world interested in my blog. If you are reading this, thank you, I hope you really enjoy it. I do.

So, to begin this year, I wanted to write something about New Year's resolutions. Since the beginning of 2010 I've been making a list with the same lay out every single year. I put this list on my door and when it's the 31st of December, I take it off and check which of the solutions I've sort of 'completed'. When I didn't complete some of them, I write them down on my new list again. This year, 2012, I've completed some and I am very proud. There still are some things I want to improve. Let's take a look at the 3 most important things on my list -at least, to me they are the most important. I think very single thing on my list is important enough because otherwise I won't be doing my best to make them work-.

1. Try to not be jealous all the time
2. Believe in myself and not give up so fast
3.Be happy with what I have in stead of being sad because of what I don't have
(4. -yes I am cheating- Letting the people I love know how much they mean to me as much as I can)

I think these lines might sound familiar to you. Of course I have the classics, like 'eat healthy' and 'drink more water.' But these are some of the ones that have a deeper meaning to them. Of course there's this line which says 'graduate'. That's something I really really really really genuinly want to come true. I hope I can do it! And because it's one of my solutions, I have to say that I can! Because I believe in myself! And you should too.

Do you guys have some meaningful solutions for 2013?

Much love and big hugs,


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  1. ik lees je blog altijd lieverd!
    ga zo door <3
    we gaan er een heel mooi jaar van maken!