Bloguary #10-13 - Sometimes

Lovely readers out there.

Ofcourse this blogpost will begin with a huge sorry for all of you out there who frequently read me blog. I have my reasons for this lack of posting, and most of them are kinda private. But I still want to give a shoutout right now.


Sometimes, life will get rough on us. It's not that there's something wrong with you, or that you've done something terrible. We just sometimes a little push down to get stronger and stronger by climbing up that hill again. These few days life decided to push me down a little bit. So, I am busy climbing up that hill. Maybe you are too, and we can climb together.

I hope that those stones and rocks get to harsh on you all. I hope that there's someone to catch you when you accidentally fall down again. I hope that there are enough reasons to smile for you.
I will give you one, and maybe this will sound a little bit cheesy but I just try to live by this saying. It's true, and we all have to start realising this.

You only live once.

Love, hugs and huge box of tissues.

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