Bloguary #14-18 - Random chatting

Well, hello pretty monkeys out there! It's been a while, again. I finished the school performances and Wednesday night we had an afterparty and as you probably am expecting already ; The last few days have been exhausting and that's just how I felt. I just didn't have the time or energy to write a blogpost. So, here is one! I'm sitting at school in the so-called 'room of silence' where we can take our periods of to study. Not that I am studying right now, but well, I will study the whole weekend. I'll have tests in a few weeks, very important ones. That's why I'm stressed out already. I always get so nervous because you all know I'm a perfectionist and I want to take out the best of myself. Anyways, back to life. There's this girl at school who made pictures of me while I was singing. I sang a song with my music teacher, mister Vuijk. He's the greatest and so sweet. The musicians were MY BAND! And yes, they're all wearing the most sexy combination on earth -to me, I chose it- a red pants with a black shirt. So amazing. We're called The Red Band now, and it's kinda fun 'cause there's a 'candy brand' which is called Red Band. I thought that was fun. I don't know if you all think that's fun. I hope you are smiling though, you know that that's my goal. Anyways, I'll insert the pictures, I hope you like them! This afternoon I am going to one my best friends' birthday. She turned 18 today! I bought her a present but I forgot to bring it. I'm such a loser, I hope she doesn't mind -I don't expect that-. My friends have been so sweet to me lately, I appreciate it so much. If you guys are reading this ; I'd never want to go through sad things without you all around me. I think we should all, right now, make an e-mail or a facebook message with a little note to our bestest of friends to let them know that they mean the world to us. Why don't we do that, just, right now? After reading this? It will give them a boost, and eventually it will make you happy too. About being happy, my plans on my Weple Diary App are working out for me. Every single day I get a to-do-list. For example ; give someone a compliment or give someone an unexpected call or drink 3 Starbucks cups of water etc. It helps a lot and I think I am slowly ' progressing' my social life and kind of body wise and stuff. If you have something apple, it's a great recommendation! Weple Diary App! I have to go now! I hope you aren't mad at me for not posting for a while. I'll be back from now on, with more ' usefull' posts! Big hug, Stella

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