Bloguary #19 - Favorite places to be

Hello lovely readers. I kinda have a problem with Blogger, and it's the following. My blogposts show up as one full story. No 'chapter-kind-of-thingies-'. In this 'write a post' section I can 'enter' as much as I want but those enters don't show up when I take a look at my blog as being someone who reads it. It sucks, they changed it. I don't know what to do about it or how to change it. I guess it will just be this way from now on. I wanted to do a blogpost on my favorite places to be and why I love to be there. It might be fun to read. I hope so. I'd at least love to read someone elses favorite places to be. 1. My boyfriends bed. I love to be in my boyfriends bed because it's big, warm and I feel like I am far away from the things I have to do. Mostly homework. When I am laying in my boyfriends bed, it also means that I'm with him. Makes my happy, I think you can all understand that part. 2. The bathtub. I think I spent the majority of my awake-time at home in the bathtub. Yes, those waterfactories -or something- owe me lots and lots of thankyou's. When I'm in the bathtub, I am reading or learning. When I have tests coming up, I love to take a bath and take time to really focus on my history summary for example. There's nothing else I can do than reading. I can't check my phone -I obviously don't bring my iPhone with me in the bathroom- or my laptop or something. It's great, you should give it a try if you can! 3. Aruba. Because I have been to this beautiful Island more than 10 times in my life right now, it kinda became my second home. I know where the stores are, I know what the air smelles like and I know that when I'm there I won't feel that much pressure to be perfect. It's amazing over there, it feels like freedom. 4. On the toilet. Yes this is a weird one. Not for me, being a weird person. When I was in elementary school -I think I was around 10/11 years old- I started panicing a lot. I actually did panic and feint very often because I couldn't handle seeing and most of all tasting blood when I was a child. When I grew older, the blood-part slowly went away. For now, I can make myself panic. And no, that's not fun and I always try to not do it. I get dizzy, my heart skips beats and I can't breathe very well. This started when I was around 10 like I said. When I felt like I was going to panic, I asked our teacher if I could go to the toilet. Sitting on the toilet, I knew and I told myself that ift was all going to be fine. This became some sort of a strategy for me. When I get dizzy or when I am panicing, I go to the toilet, concentrate and try to make myself feel better. 5. At the hairdresser. Our hairdresser is like, 40 minutes away from our hometown. Crazy right? This is because my mom's 'youth friend' owns her own hairsalon thingy. She knows how my mom and I like our hair and we actually never go somewhere else! So, when my mom and I go, it's some sort of a trip? We sing along to songs in the car, get our hair done and when it's spring or summer time we often go out for lunch afterwards. It always is lots of fun and the hairdressers are só nice to me. I just feel at ease when I am over there. I think that really was my top 5 of places I like to be. I think you are wondering why my bed isn't on that list. It's because I had trouble sleeping when I was a kid and I still have sometimes. When I am in my bed, bad and sad thoughts pop up in my head, I'm just not good at relaxing when I don't have any thing to distract me from thinking too much. I hope you had fun reading this. I would love to know your top 5 favorite places to be! Love, Stella.

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