Bloguary #2 - Style Plan

Lovely readers out there!

I checked my statistics a few minutes ago and apparently you've all liked my Beauty Dag post! That makes me so happy, 'cause I spent quite a lot of time working on that post. Anyways, good morning -for us Dutchies- to all of your pretty morning faces. I myself don't look as pretty in the morning, but alright, I can live with that. I'm sitting here in the ugliest sweater I have -oversides, mais oui- and my hair up in a top bun. I believe I have the darkest under-eye-circles I've had for a while and my Starbucks cup full of water is my best friend. And they we all say "good" morning, and yes it is! I just ate my super whole weat healthy cornflakes with plain, 0% fat yoghurt and a hand full of dry cranberries -they look like raisins to me but just a bit more read and 'soury'-.

Enough with the blabbing around Stella. So, this morning I wanted to take a look on Polyvore and create a collage of what things I want to buy and wear in 2013. I want to make a sort of "Style Plan" for myself. There might be things I'm not brave enough to wear YET. I want to push myself over the boundaries this year ; think out of the box and stuff. So, let's begin!

-If you want to change or improve your own personal style, I think it's very fun and handy for you to do the same thing as I am doing at this very moment. Go to and create a collage with things you see and would love to wear this year. I hope you're able to post it on your blog and sent me a link? Thinking out of the box together might make it a lot more fun and much easier-.


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