Bloguary #20 - My proces of learning

Good afternoon ladies and gentleman.

Today, we're going to talk about.. No I'm joking, actually I am the only one who's doing the talking here. Or, writing, if you will. Anyways, hello. Did you all have a good night of sleep? I had the funniest dream. I had my graduation prom thing and I was the only one wearing a coloured dress -it was red, and I don't even know if I like red that much- and we had fun and we were dacing and everyone was so lovely to me and then 3 friends of mine lifted me up and I felt like the queen of the world. Afterwards we went on a vacation to something like Hawaii in a plane. My dreams never let me get there, 'cause I woke up when the plane just took of. But, it was fun! I hope I will continued any night soon.

So, back to the point. There don't even was a point yet, but I will make one now. I am procrastinating like crazy right now. My proces of learning comes down to ; make a planning, do 50% of it straight and then take pauses which are too long. In those pauses I either blog, search the internet, check my iPhone or Facebook. Right now I found out about Spotify and I'm searching for fun music. And a friend of mine called Michelle gave me the DVD of the Vampire Diaries season one. I don't watch anything else anymore while working out on my beloved eliptical.

You know what guys? It snows outside right now! So cosy. And my little lovely friend Puck lies on my bed, all cuddled up with my -yes I still have one- stuffed animal called 'Raffie' (like a giraffe, cause he's one). It's cute. I'll insert a picture. Yesteday I felt like my eyes were falling out of my head -yes girls we all know how crying feels- and it hurted! It really did! And I called my friend and she was so nice to me, she directly came over to my house to comfort me and distract me and we sat in the bathtub with our feet because they were cold. We drank tea -I tried some green mint tea but seriously, that stuff is BAD- and went through my Cosmopolitan. I love Cosmopolitan, I get that magazine every month now because that was a birthday present! It's so helpfull and fun! I love it! I grew too old for the Cosmogirl so I am glad I changed.

Anyways, we had a blast and I love her so much, she really gave me girlpower and cheered me up. Afterwards, I had to go to my boyfriend who lives in a town near where I live. This is where my friend lives too so we went together. But, seriously, it was SO cold out. It was like, -15 (in Celcius). So, we made ourselves look ridiculous and made a stupid pictures. Duckfaces alert! -just for fun-.

Allright I have been prograstinating for over 30 minutes now I really have to go and finish my planning. I hope you guys have the most amazing sunday! Wish me luck by the way, this week I will have my German, English and French listening exams. Love and many hugs and kisses, Stella.

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