Bloguary #3 - Lunch date

Great afternoon all of you out there!
Here I am again! I enjoy Bloguary a lot, do you guys too? Today, I wanted to do a post with something more informational. But, I also would love to update you guys some more about my day because it's amazing. So, I'm not being as clear as I want to be. Let's get things straight over
here ; this post will be about the following..
... my morning routine
... my lunch date
... my night

Hemi jemi /

To begin with, I was wondering this morning. Every morning I get out of bed, cuddle with my cat and jump around in my pyjama's. The first thing I do in the morning is check my phone on messages of my friends or boyfriend, checking my new app which is about reaching goals and to-do-lists and stuff -if you guys would like a post on that, let me know-. After doing this, I get downstairs, make my classic cornflake-yoghurt-breakfast and read the newspaper. After my breakfast, I jump on my favorite thing in the world ; the eliptical. After working out for 20 minutes and watching beauty guru's and inspirational boys and girls on Youtube -I really am addicted and it's great for my English-. Anyways, after working out, I take a shower for like, 7 minutes, brush my teeth, wash myself with my favorite Lush soap and pad myself dry. I put my hair up in my towel with some Coconut Oil in it so make my curls look shiny and stuff. I spent the most time in front of my closet thinking and stressing out about what I should wear. After I chose an outfit I put some make-up on my face -I'll make a post about my routine (probably one of the smallest routines of every single girl out there) soon- and I spray my favorite perfume on my neck and wrists. If I feel like it I will put on some matching jewelry and I'm ready to go -after I've done my hair, ofcourse-. So that's my usual morning routine. During my vacation and in the weekends I switch the shower for a warm bath, but it's pretty much the same over all.

Now about my lunch date! I forgot to take a picture of my amazingly delicious and healthy salad -shame on me, I feel like a bad blogger now..- I went to go out for a lunch with my best friend I've known for so long. We hadn't seen eachother for over 5 months and it was like we'd seen eachother yesterday, if that makes sense. We had a blast and our lunch was delicious. It seriously is one of my most important recommendations ; take time to catch up with your oldest friends, they know you like no other! It's a waste to lose them!

This night (9 o'clock) one of my bestest friends is celebrating his 18th birthday, so we will have a party over there! I am looking forward to it, because...

... 3 years ago I used to come there like, every week maybe?
... I am in love with his family. His mom, dad and 2 little brothers almost feel like my own family
... I always feel at ease when I am over there
... Many other friends of mine will be there

I will let you know how it was tomorrow! Tomorrow by the way, I will post something about my favorite stores! So, if you're interested, keep an eye out for that!

Much love and many kisses,

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