Bloguary #4 - My favorite stores

H to the ello lovely creatures who take time to read my daily stories!
-Now that's a cheesy opening-
So, this afternoon my mom and I went to the movies! It was like a girls 'afternoon' out! 
We bought ourselves some popcorn -yes I did snack on some popcorn and yes I feel guilty and no I know there's no need for that- and water and sat down. My dad 'booked' our tickets so we had great seats etc. 
The movie we went to was called 'Pitch Perfect'. The movie was amazing. If you like Glee, than you should de-fi-ni-te-ly go! I don't want to spoil anything so just GO if you want to!

Foto: at the movies with my momFoto: fooood overloaaaad

Anyways, let's get to the point of this post ; my favorite stores!

Favorite clothing stores

Men at Work
Style ; all kinds of original clothing. Sometimes edgy, sometimes cute and girly.
Prices ; the prices vary, it depends on what brand you are looking for. Many people consider this store as "pricey".

Style ; the latest trends, basics, underwear and  -I think you all know this store, don't you girls?-
Prices ; the prices vary, again. But, when I want to buy cute, fairly 'cheap' clothing, I always tend to go to H&M

Style ; edgy, original and 'different'. You can find some basic, kind of flowy shirts too. And very cute accessories.
Prices ; and again, the prices vary. But sometimes I consider the clothing to be a little bit too pricey  for the quality.

Brandy Melville
Style ; a kind of bohemian, earthy and still very stylish. Brandy Melville can be on the edgier side, it's just what you are looking for.
Prices ; I think that this story is one the more expensive side, but because of what you get for it, quality and originality wise, it's totally worth it - to me-.

Favorite drugstore

The 'Kruidvat' is a Dutch, low price store. At this store you can find all kinds of stuff, and it's lots of fun to just get inside and look around. The make-up brands that are available are
- Catrice Cosmetics
- Essence
- Loréal Paris
- Mabelline
- Max Factor
- Gosh
The 'Kruidvat' often has great discounts and other price-action-thingies.

Favorite miscellaneous stores

I seriously am in love with Lush. I think you'll all have heard about this delicious smelling 'soap store'. Lush is a worldwide company that sells the most delicious handmade shower and bath stuff. They also have the richest body butters and natural face masks. Most popular are the bath bombs and bath balistics. Some of them shimmer, fizz, give the most amazing smells and colours to your water and just make your bathroom experiences even more fun!

I love Starbucks because
- It's not just a store, going there -to me- is a whole experience itself
- Their food is amazing. The cookies, brownies, sandwiches etc. Amazing.
- They have the craziest, funniest varation of coffee's and tea's.

The Expo is a kind of a gift store. In this store you can find fun little books, stuff to decorate your house, posters, 'sexy' tools, little knickknacks etc. My boyfriend and I can spend hours and hours in this store just looking around.

I hope this list was informational and fun to read! If there are any questions, let me know!
What are your favorite stores?


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