Bloguary #5 - A tough day

Lovely readers!

Today, I'll be at Leiden University to get some intense lessons on economy, because I can use that to pass my exams! I suck at economy and no matter how hard I try, it always tends to fail. I hope today will be nice. I'm a bit scared though, just going out there with no one around me that I know and stuff. But I'll keep you guys posted on that -that's why this is called 4,5 in stead of 5-.

I wanted to put something out here by the way! First, I want to thank you all, again, for reading my blog. I'd love you even more if you wanted to follow my blog with Bloglovin'. It's not that important to me, but I thought ; why not just ask!

Evening ; hello, there I am again! I am fell apart in a thousand pieces. Seriously, I am exhausted! It was hard but I gained much information and I have learned a lot. I was kind of lonely, but I survived! I made one picture but that one turned out to be a huge failure so you'll see some more interesting pictures when the month progresses!

I hope you all have a very nice day and evening!

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