Bloguary #6 - Water, water, water

Drinking water is so important, bla bla bla. One year ago, I still was that kind of girl who didn't like to drink water. I always took juices to school that contained lots of sugar. At home I drank milk or something like apple or orange juice. One year ago, around September 2011, I began drinking more water. By then, it was just because I wanted to lose weight and I thought that this would help me more. It eventually did, of course. But, why is it that drinking water is so amazingly important for us? Because I want you all to be healthy and happy, I thought that I could write a post about this. I hope you'll take time to read it. I've also inserted some tips on how you can get yourself to drink more water a day.

Drinking enough water is extremely good for you, because...

... It drains the waste subsances and bad stuff out of your body
... It reduces a chance on having a heart attack with 41% when you drink 5 glasses of water a day
... It also makes you less susceptible (?) of having darm or bladder cancer
... When you're dehydrated it takes your body lots of energy. So, you won't get tired that fast
... It provides a healthy, glowing skin
... It might help you with losing weight, because you replace your sugary drinks with water (which obviously has 0 calories in it) and it can help reduce your hunger when you are craving (bad) food.
... When you drink enough water, you will diminish the chance on getting a headache, because like I said earlier, the water makes sure your body loses all its waste substances
... When you've been partying and you might have drunk (a little bit) too much ; take two glasses of water before you go to sleep and you won't have that huge of a hangover the next morning.

Well, are these things reasons enough for you to go and get a glass of water right now at this very moment? No? I have some tips to even make it FUN to drink water!


1. Take a cute cup or something like a Starbucks cup I have been drinking out for the past year or so. Carry it around and keep it close to you. You'll notice that when water is near you, you will start drinking 'unconsciously'. Make a game out of it ; your cup or mug can never be empty more than one hour!

2. Take a piece of paper and decorate the edges with little doodles of things you like. You can even customize your paper with glueing pictures on it with thing you like to achieve or like to have. Every day you have been drinking enough water, you can draw a drop of water. If you have 20 drops, you can go to your favorite store and buy something you really want to have or would really like to eat. This might motivate you to keep drinking water. You have to stick to your rules and not cheat, though.

3. Tell your friends and family that you want to drink more water a day. When you tell someone your goals, they can motivate and remind you! And it can cause a feeling of wanting to achieve things more because you want to make everyone you love proud!

Well, these were the tree most useful tips I have for you guys and girls out there.
I hope that this will help you achieve this little goal.

Have a watery day!

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