Bloguary #7 - Inspi!

I know for sure that you, over there, sitting on your chair or bed, can relate to the things that I am going to write about in this post. Because, lovely little monkeys of mine -I feel like Lady GaGa when I call you guys that- this post will be about every single thing on this beautiful earth that inspires me to be what I am like at this very moment. Right now. Yes. And now. Still. I probably will change over the years though, but I don't think that anyone will read this when it's 2485.
Do you want to know what kinds of things -and who- actually inspire me? 


▼ Nikki Philippi from 'Nikki Philippi'
▼ Ingrid  from 'missglamorazzi'
▼ Zoe from 'Zoella'
▼ Arden from 'ARose186'
▼ Bethany Mota from 'MacBarbie07'
▼ Cat from 'Catrific'

Blogs and sites

▼ Girlscene
▼ We heart it
▼ Zoella
▼ Annemerel
▼ Elle & Blair


▼ WepleDiary
▼ Instragram
▼ Bloglovin'
▼ Youtube
▼ Spotify


▼ "I myself am made entirely of flaws, stiched together with good intentions"
▼ "Stars can't shine without darkness"
▼ "Never regret the things that once made you smile"
▼ "Smile, it confuses people"
▼ "What comes around and goes around, comes back around"
▼ "Carpe Diem"
▼ "You only live one"

Ingrid - We Heart it - Weple Diary

I hope you liked reading the things that inspire me!

What inspires you? 


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