Bloguary #9 - Beat those germs by just being happy

Hello beauties!
During winterseason, many many many people get sick. It might be just a cold or a serious fever that can take more than a week to disappear. Because I have to perform at school the upcoming week or so (Friday till Wednesday) getting sick is an absolute no-go for me right now! But, hnext to washing your hands and not share your water bottle, how can you make sure your body can beat those germs? I did some research and this is what came out ; your body has a higher level of protection when you are happy. When you're healthy and happy, there's the tiniest chance of you getting sick.

What can we eat to be happy and feel great?

1. Greek Yoghurt

Greek Yoghurt is a milk product that is very high in calcium. Calcium helps your brain to produce endorfines. Endorfine can be seen as an instant 'happy maker'. Besides, Greek Yoghurt contains more protein than normal yoghurt does, so if you're planning on working out, this might work wonders for you.
Little recipe tip : Greek Yoghurt, honey and some chopped almonds or walnuts.

2. Tomatoes

Every single kind of tomatoes has many antioxidants in them. This helps your brain to prevent your body from getting infections.

3. Mussels

I might have totally scared you of right now, but yes, mussels are very important. Mussels are very good for our temper and feelings. There are many nutrional substances in those little creatures, for example vitamine B12 and zinc. Zinc helps your thyroid with its work, and it arranges your moods. So, don't take that chocolate to your best friend who just broke up with her boyfriend, cook her some nice mussels!

4. Dark chocolate

This is no news to us girls. We KNOW chocolate is good for our moods. But, to be the healthiest version of ourselves, we choose the dark kind. Dark chocolate improves your bloodcirculation and makes sure you've a high level of concentration. -An important exam to pass? Chocolate time baby!-. Due to this chocolate you'll feel energised and lively.

5. Fresh (!) orange juice

A glass of freshly pressed orange juice a day and your skin will glow, you will feel like it's summer everyday and your body has a lot of Vitamin C soldiers to kill those little germs. And girls, guys, monkeys, let's get serious over here.. Who doesn't like a freshly pressed juice in the morning?!


I hope that these things were informational for you all!
If you have some tips for me, let me know!

I love you all! -I know that I love the people who read my blog, yes it sounds cheesy-

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