I'm back

Alright, so I am sitting here and all I can actually think of is just blabbing about some stupid things to my laptop. I missed blogging a lot. I don't know why I always go through these fases in which I don't even take a look at my blog. I sometimes feel un-inspired or I just am too busy doing other things. Although I don't even have such an interesting life or such. My exams are coming up. This means that in a few months, I hope to have my pre-university diploma. I am very nervous and not looking forward to it at all. On the other hand, I do. After high school, a whole new life is starting. And let me tell you some things about this so-called 'new life' I am facing.

Next year, I am hoping to attend The Hague University. I will be studying ICM, which stands for International Communication Management. Why? Because I'd love to work internationally. Most of all ; I want to go to the USA. It might sound weird to the people that know me very well, because I'm not that brave to genuinly make such a big step. But ; I'd love to go abroad. The study is a 3 years bachelor. If I will get enough points/credits in the first year, it might be possible for me to go abroad the second year. I will be 20 years old then, and I am hoping on being more confident and responsible by then. The study fits me perfectly. I love presenting, I love English, I love writing, I'd love to know how people impress things on other people etc. I hope that I will like this study as much as I do now when I really am facing the work I have to do. It's a 4 year study 'forced' into 3 years. It will be a time of hard working, but I look forward to it. It's also very scary ; the whole English, international thing. I might not even speak Dutch anymore during schooltime, because my classmates will come from all over the world. I hope to meet someone from real real real far away, like Australia or something. Who knows! Anyways, I will keep you guys updated on that from now on.

What else is up? Not much, actually. I am very excited for this summer because I will be going to Madrid, France, Croatia and.. dum dum dum THE UNITED STATES. I am so so so excited! For every single trip actually! I am looking forward travelling, walking through the little villages in France and the nature around the Grand Canyon. Yes, you're allowed to be jealous.. I would be, and I know that I have to be very grateful. And believe me, I am! I hope to get a real good camera. I would love to get the most amazing pictures! I will have to learn to use such big of a thing, because I was never that good with electronical things. But, after I passed my exams I will have plenty of time to learn some stuff!

What else. Let me think. Let me choose from all these AMAZING things in my AMAZING life. Well, I do have that kind of a life, but it's not very exciting to blog about. YET. I will be attending some parties after my exams, I have written my own song with my band, we will be performing soon and tomorrow I will be going to a musical with my family. As the cherry on this very longed-for pie ; Saturday evening I will be performing with two girls in the local Theatre. We will sing! I am kind of the background singer, but I chose to be because I am very scared, actually. You all know me by now, I suppose. Also, I have been learning the 'mindfullness' strategies. I will do a post on that quite soon, I promise!

First I have to make exams next week so I guess you have to be patient. But you already have been patient for so long ; I think you're an expert right now. Thank you for reading this random thing story etc. I am so grateful that I at least have you reading this!

Love, Stella.

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