What I have been loving

Hello lovelies out there.
So, I got the spirit now and this is why I am here to post a little post -well, that's a great sentence- for you guys about what I have been loving. These things are just random, so, I hope you enjoy reading this.

My current obsessions is dark chocolate sprinkles. I eat them, like, on a daily basis now. I put them in my yoghurtbowlbreakfast, and in my dessertbowlyoghurtapplething. I just love dark chocolate. I must say that I am not very happy with this obsession because I can really see myself slowly gaining the weight I just lost in the past 1,5 year. It's sad, and I don't like it, but I just can't resist the lovely goodies in life anymore now that I didn't eat them for so long. So, dark chocolate it is.  

I am so obsessed with Youtube. I have been since I started doing workouts on my elliptical 1,5 years ago. I always watch these updates and daily vlogs and it's just so much fun to kind of see what the American/English lives look like and it makes me want to go the US even more. Anyways, my favorite Youtubers are Ingrid -Miss Glamorazzi-, Nikki Philippi, Fleur - FleurdeForce- Tanya -TanyaBurr- Zoe -Zoella- and so on. They're all friends and I have been following their lives for quite a while now and it's just fun to watch them do hauls and beauty related video's but also like the spiritual 'how to be confident' stuff are videos I adore to watch. They kind of are my rolemodels. Is that weird? Well, we all already knew that I was such a weirdo.

Lately I haven't bought any new clothes. I'm saving up my money to go on vacation and because I'm going to the USA, because I want to get many many many American clothing. It's just more fun to me, I don't know, I just love the American stores like Forever 21 and Brandy Melville and Love Culture etc. So, I'm actually saving. But! My favorite clothing piece of the past time is my denim blouse. I wear it like a vest. It's light blue denim-ish and it's lightweight and I can combine it with many different things. I believe it's from Vero Moda. The Dutchies would recognize this name. I don't actually know if these stores are familiar in other countries.

My favorite app right now. Well, no, actually I have two. I am in love with Snapchat. Snapchat is an app on where you can make silly pictures, add a drawing or a small sentence to it, chose how many seconds the person you're sending it to is able to see your pic -from 1 till 10 seconds- and yeah, it's just fun sending and receiving silly pictures from friends. I like it, makes me smile. So, another thing I really like is the Bloglovin' App. I had that one for a while now but I love to just sit down and take a look at the latests post of my favorite bloggers. I hope I will have somewhat more followers, maybe, on Bloglovin'.. Someday. Secretly.

My favorite jewelry piece I have been wearing is my Buddha to Buddha bracelet. It's like a staple piece, it's kind of fierce and very noticable. It's silver and it has some big chains. Mu boyfriend Jim doesn't really like me wearing all those ' shiny' stuff so I didn't wear it a lot the past year but I started wearing it again when I go to school and I know I won't be seeing Jim that day. If I end up still seeing him, I just take it off. No problem, right? Anyways, I love it. Thanks mum and dad -I got this bracelet as a birthdaygift when I got 17-.

I am always checking Girlscene. On a daily basis. Girlscene actually is a Dutch site. It's like a lifestyle, beauty and gossip blog. It's just a very girly site on which girls can communicate and read stuff about other girls or celebrities or DIY's or silly facts about a girls life etc.

So, I told myself that during this hour -I am in school right now- I still had to do some studying so I will have to 'end' this post now. I hope you guys liked reading this. Next time there will be pictures attached to it. Love, Stella. ps ; have great easter days.

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