Exams post #3

This, my lovely readers, was a horrible day! But let's face it ; I still have enough time to rock my planning! Let's point out the little positive things first!


- I have been working out for more than 1,5 hours
- I made a trip on my bike and the sun was shining
- I was able to take a bath twice
- I cuddled with my cat for a while
- I did math again with my dad, which didn't went that well, but I still am content (?) about it!
- I talked to two of my friends (I miss them now because I don't get to see them in school)
- I ate lots of bad things, but also much fruit!
- I managed to drink a lot of water

Alright, that was that! I, unfortunately, have quite a bad headache right now and I think this will be the ending of this not-so-succesful-day! Tomorrow, it is queensday over here in Dutchie-land! I don't even know what I will be doing yet but we'll see! Let's hope for some sunshine first!

Kisses and hugs,

Exams post #2

Hello there, Stella here with an update!

Today wasn't as succesful as I expected it to be! I just finishes math with my dad which fortunately went very well! Economics on the other hand, still doesn't want to be friends with me.. Even though I try so hard! It's horrible, it soooo not motivating when every excercise you made turns out to be completely wrong! This is why I just can't keep my attention on my books while studying and making economics! Anyone with the same problem?

Another downside I am facing is the fact of me being home all day ; I just can't stop eating. It's horrible because I would love to be toned up for our prom (June 6th I believe) but with all those dark chocolate and stuff.. It doesn't make it any easier on me. Do you girls out there struggle with this? Maybe I can do a research on how to stop craving all the bad things while studying?!

Tonight my lovely boyfriend Jim is coming over to make sure that my head doesn't explode and that I will give my brain some rest. I'm looking forward to it, of course!

I hope that all of you out there had a lovely Sunday!
Kisses, Stella.

New series!

Lovely people out there in this big old world!

In two weeks, I will finish my pre-univeristy education high school time thing etc don't know how to call it. This means ; lots and lots of studying! I'm going to take little breaks (like, right now) and post posts from my iPhone! I hope this app is working! Anyways, I will update you on my life behind books, chewing on pens and crying my eyes out because of the stressyness these exams come together with! This saturday was my first full day of studying! I made a planning and actually did the things that had to be done. Yet it feels like I kind of wasted my day! But deep inside I know that I have done the best I could. Maybe I just have to 'roll in' the proces of learning and stuff. Right now I am taking a bath and afterwards I am planning on doing a Blogilates workout, read some history stuff and go to bed 'early'!

Are there any of you out there that are also having stressful and important things these upcoming weeks?

her royal stressyness!

Shoplog ; part 1

Hello lovelies!

So, my examweekthing is over. Finally! I must say that I did a good job, over all. The only bad grade I got was for economics, although I work my butt off for that class. It's just not my think, and to stick with my blog, just not my cup of tea. What actually is my cup of tea, is rewarding myself with some beauty goodies. I didn't buy many things, because I'm still saving for this summer, for my trips to France, Spain, Croatia and the UNITES STATES. So, yeah. In a few hours I will go shopping for clothes and a blender -yes finally a blender, I'm going to go on a healthy smoothie diet from then on!- so I hope I won't let myself go completely and spend most of my money already. 

Back to the point, these are the things I bought. I'm sorry for the ugly background of the pictures. It was the only place where I got good lighting.

At first, I went to a store called HEMA because I had read on other blogs that they had fun, new nailcolours. So, I bought this one. Let me check what it is called. Oh, well, it just has the number 842 on it. It looks blue on the picture but in real life it's more like a mix of green and blue.

Secondly, this actually is a bit of a cheat, because I have had this for a while but I didn't use it yet. It even has the plastic rapper still on it. I decided to begin using it and I thought ; why not post it?

Thirdly, a bought a new Maybelline lipstick in the colour 422 - Coral Tonic. I love the colour, it's like a pinky red. I'm still getting used to wearing lipstick, but I think it gives my face a little more colour. My boyfriends likes it too, but he doesn't like the sticky kisses I give him on his cheeks when I just applied the lipstick. Than he has this classic lipstick kiss on his cheek, looks kinda cute tough. 

The last thing I bought is one of my essentials. I have never used a real foundation and I don't really need it either. I've got very blessed with my skin now. When I was like 14/15 years old it was a little drama, but now I don't have pimples anymore. Sometimes, little ones, because it's that time of the month. Anyways, I love this concealer to put around my nose to hide little red spots and under my eyes against dark circles when I had a short or bad night or just a rough week. This is in colour 2 - light / beige. 

Well, so, yeah, eh, that's it? I know it's not that interseting, maybe. Maybe you guys found it very interesting? I will post the second part of my shoplog haul thingy tomorrow or something. But you guys know how bad I am with promises, so don't expect too much, hihi.

Love and kisses, enjoy your weekend!

Healthy cookies? Yes, it is possible!

Lovely readers!

No, this is not a dream! Our day has come, lovely ladies. No, seriously. Today I made cookies, simply out of 3 things. Unfortunately, I didn't come up with this recipe myself. I found it on Blogilates. You should take a look at her blog and her Youtube account, she is so inspirational and motivating. I'm actually trying to do a Blogilates workout every day from now on, but it seriously is hard. Capitol HARD, actually.

So back to where I started with -is that even a correct sentence?-. I wanted to let you guys know how to make these cookies. I know that you can easily check out the original site, but for ONCE I have comitted myself to actually make pictures of what I was doing and it felt like I was a real blogger for once! I'm kinda proud of myself. So proud that I'm even blogging now, while I should be learing. Sssst.

Alright, the ingrediƫnts.
- A banana
- Raisins
- Rolled oats

That's it. No, I'm not kidding. So, you start of with taking all of your tools. Your tools are a beaking sheet, some (virgin) olive oil and a little paper towel thing, a fork, your hands, a cup and a bowl.
While doing all these things, you can pre-heat your oven at 200 degrees Celcius. 15 minutes of pre-heating will do the job.

So, you take your banana, put it into the bowl and start smushing it until it looks like a dirty puree.

Then, you take your cup and fill it with your oats. Don't take too much oats, because then the cookies won't stick -yes, I made that fault and had to put in some water, which makes the cookies less tasteful-. 

Now, put in some raisins or maybe dried cranberries. You can also put in some chocolate chips, but that sure makes your cookies less healthy. That was not what I was reaching for. 

Now you start blending it all together with your hands, making sure that everything is well combined.

After smushing and blending etc, you can make little balls and flatten them to circles. I was able to make 6 cookies, but you can make smaller or biggers one, that's totally up to you. 

After you have done the job, you can put the cookies into the oven -don't put the sheet to high, the cookies might burn- and make it 10-15 minutes. Mine baked for around 13 and they already were a bit too 'brown' and actually a bit, how do call that, overbaked? 

Now let your cookies cool for 10 minutes and they are ready to be eaten! 

Have a great cookie-moment!