Exams post #2

Hello there, Stella here with an update!

Today wasn't as succesful as I expected it to be! I just finishes math with my dad which fortunately went very well! Economics on the other hand, still doesn't want to be friends with me.. Even though I try so hard! It's horrible, it soooo not motivating when every excercise you made turns out to be completely wrong! This is why I just can't keep my attention on my books while studying and making economics! Anyone with the same problem?

Another downside I am facing is the fact of me being home all day ; I just can't stop eating. It's horrible because I would love to be toned up for our prom (June 6th I believe) but with all those dark chocolate and stuff.. It doesn't make it any easier on me. Do you girls out there struggle with this? Maybe I can do a research on how to stop craving all the bad things while studying?!

Tonight my lovely boyfriend Jim is coming over to make sure that my head doesn't explode and that I will give my brain some rest. I'm looking forward to it, of course!

I hope that all of you out there had a lovely Sunday!
Kisses, Stella.

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