Exams post #3

This, my lovely readers, was a horrible day! But let's face it ; I still have enough time to rock my planning! Let's point out the little positive things first!


- I have been working out for more than 1,5 hours
- I made a trip on my bike and the sun was shining
- I was able to take a bath twice
- I cuddled with my cat for a while
- I did math again with my dad, which didn't went that well, but I still am content (?) about it!
- I talked to two of my friends (I miss them now because I don't get to see them in school)
- I ate lots of bad things, but also much fruit!
- I managed to drink a lot of water

Alright, that was that! I, unfortunately, have quite a bad headache right now and I think this will be the ending of this not-so-succesful-day! Tomorrow, it is queensday over here in Dutchie-land! I don't even know what I will be doing yet but we'll see! Let's hope for some sunshine first!

Kisses and hugs,

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