Healthy cookies? Yes, it is possible!

Lovely readers!

No, this is not a dream! Our day has come, lovely ladies. No, seriously. Today I made cookies, simply out of 3 things. Unfortunately, I didn't come up with this recipe myself. I found it on Blogilates. You should take a look at her blog and her Youtube account, she is so inspirational and motivating. I'm actually trying to do a Blogilates workout every day from now on, but it seriously is hard. Capitol HARD, actually.

So back to where I started with -is that even a correct sentence?-. I wanted to let you guys know how to make these cookies. I know that you can easily check out the original site, but for ONCE I have comitted myself to actually make pictures of what I was doing and it felt like I was a real blogger for once! I'm kinda proud of myself. So proud that I'm even blogging now, while I should be learing. Sssst.

Alright, the ingrediƫnts.
- A banana
- Raisins
- Rolled oats

That's it. No, I'm not kidding. So, you start of with taking all of your tools. Your tools are a beaking sheet, some (virgin) olive oil and a little paper towel thing, a fork, your hands, a cup and a bowl.
While doing all these things, you can pre-heat your oven at 200 degrees Celcius. 15 minutes of pre-heating will do the job.

So, you take your banana, put it into the bowl and start smushing it until it looks like a dirty puree.

Then, you take your cup and fill it with your oats. Don't take too much oats, because then the cookies won't stick -yes, I made that fault and had to put in some water, which makes the cookies less tasteful-. 

Now, put in some raisins or maybe dried cranberries. You can also put in some chocolate chips, but that sure makes your cookies less healthy. That was not what I was reaching for. 

Now you start blending it all together with your hands, making sure that everything is well combined.

After smushing and blending etc, you can make little balls and flatten them to circles. I was able to make 6 cookies, but you can make smaller or biggers one, that's totally up to you. 

After you have done the job, you can put the cookies into the oven -don't put the sheet to high, the cookies might burn- and make it 10-15 minutes. Mine baked for around 13 and they already were a bit too 'brown' and actually a bit, how do call that, overbaked? 

Now let your cookies cool for 10 minutes and they are ready to be eaten! 

Have a great cookie-moment!

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