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Lovely people out there in this big old world!

In two weeks, I will finish my pre-univeristy education high school time thing etc don't know how to call it. This means ; lots and lots of studying! I'm going to take little breaks (like, right now) and post posts from my iPhone! I hope this app is working! Anyways, I will update you on my life behind books, chewing on pens and crying my eyes out because of the stressyness these exams come together with! This saturday was my first full day of studying! I made a planning and actually did the things that had to be done. Yet it feels like I kind of wasted my day! But deep inside I know that I have done the best I could. Maybe I just have to 'roll in' the proces of learning and stuff. Right now I am taking a bath and afterwards I am planning on doing a Blogilates workout, read some history stuff and go to bed 'early'!

Are there any of you out there that are also having stressful and important things these upcoming weeks?

her royal stressyness!

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