Shoplog ; part 1

Hello lovelies!

So, my examweekthing is over. Finally! I must say that I did a good job, over all. The only bad grade I got was for economics, although I work my butt off for that class. It's just not my think, and to stick with my blog, just not my cup of tea. What actually is my cup of tea, is rewarding myself with some beauty goodies. I didn't buy many things, because I'm still saving for this summer, for my trips to France, Spain, Croatia and the UNITES STATES. So, yeah. In a few hours I will go shopping for clothes and a blender -yes finally a blender, I'm going to go on a healthy smoothie diet from then on!- so I hope I won't let myself go completely and spend most of my money already. 

Back to the point, these are the things I bought. I'm sorry for the ugly background of the pictures. It was the only place where I got good lighting.

At first, I went to a store called HEMA because I had read on other blogs that they had fun, new nailcolours. So, I bought this one. Let me check what it is called. Oh, well, it just has the number 842 on it. It looks blue on the picture but in real life it's more like a mix of green and blue.

Secondly, this actually is a bit of a cheat, because I have had this for a while but I didn't use it yet. It even has the plastic rapper still on it. I decided to begin using it and I thought ; why not post it?

Thirdly, a bought a new Maybelline lipstick in the colour 422 - Coral Tonic. I love the colour, it's like a pinky red. I'm still getting used to wearing lipstick, but I think it gives my face a little more colour. My boyfriends likes it too, but he doesn't like the sticky kisses I give him on his cheeks when I just applied the lipstick. Than he has this classic lipstick kiss on his cheek, looks kinda cute tough. 

The last thing I bought is one of my essentials. I have never used a real foundation and I don't really need it either. I've got very blessed with my skin now. When I was like 14/15 years old it was a little drama, but now I don't have pimples anymore. Sometimes, little ones, because it's that time of the month. Anyways, I love this concealer to put around my nose to hide little red spots and under my eyes against dark circles when I had a short or bad night or just a rough week. This is in colour 2 - light / beige. 

Well, so, yeah, eh, that's it? I know it's not that interseting, maybe. Maybe you guys found it very interesting? I will post the second part of my shoplog haul thingy tomorrow or something. But you guys know how bad I am with promises, so don't expect too much, hihi.

Love and kisses, enjoy your weekend!

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